A Tree

January 6th, 2021 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

A Tree
A wise person can teach  harmony and unity to younger generation.
Few years ago, I met an old person on my way. He was seventy years old. I observed him, that he was planting a neem tree in a earthly pot. I was in a confusing state and thought in mind that a big tree in a small pot !

I asked him,
” sir, why are you planting a big tree in a pot ? It will grow a big tree”
He smiled at me & said, ” This tree is very useful for all of us. Every part has some values. The trunk of the tree teaches us to be strong. The branches of the tree are used to clean teeth. In ancient days, people used to used neem twig to clean the teeth. Small twig is  teaching us balancing healthy teeth & health. A leaves of the tree purify the air & teach us stability & balancing.  The leaves have some medicinal value. Neem leaves are used to cure skin disease. Some medicated creams are made from the leaves. The leaves are used for the treatment of worms. The flowers of the tree attract honeybees & teach us harmony.  All the parts are used clinically, so we call the tree as “Harmonious tree”.
At the end, he said ,”let the tree grow little big, I’ll shift it to a bigger place, so that everyone can benefit out of it.”
I just smiled & said goodbye to him.

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