What is Death

October 13th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

“The day, man will find that he never really dies; that his Soul persists beyond death; he will have no more fear of death.”
– Swami Vivekananda

Death in Bhagvad Gita says that there is no death. In chapter two, it is said that the soul in the body never has birth or death. It is said that the process of changing the body is birth or death.

According to Lord Buddha, death is a natural process of the body. After death, the body is prepared for rebirth.The dying person should wait for rebirth. Buddha believed that birth & death are the natural cycle of Samsara. After suffering and following eight path of enlightenment, one can achieve Nirvana.
According to Christianity, death is the end of body. Scripture says though our body will decompose but the soul can go to God’s house eternally or separated from God.

Sikhism also believes that there is no heaven or hell. God fixes the date of death.

Now I will explain you about death. My father used to tell us  that death is real, life is untruth. I didn’t understand what my father had meant to explain the word “death”.

After analysing, I realised that life is Maya or illution like mirage. Whatever we imagine is not the truth. Whatever we think may not come true. Sometimes it comes true and we think that what we think, it becomes.

Death is very difficult, living is easier. While living, we can plan our objectives but sometimes it’s come true, sometimes not. Death cannot be asked for. It decides its own time.

I came to know that there are some mantras which can bring the death nearer to us. If we can chant it clearly and regularly, we can experience the process of death. But it is wrong to interfere in the God’s planning. Better wait for His decision.

When we reach the state of Nishkaam means selfless or desireless action and understand the process of detachment we will understand  the path of our Death.

At last ,I got a conclusion that when we are in a body, we are alive, without body means death.

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  1. Mahua Chakrabarti Says:

    Very nice thoughts. The thought of death should never come to us ideally. We must carry out our karma yoga in our lives and be immersed in it. Insecurities, fear of unknown etc. arise due to the lack of knowledge in ourselves. We must go beyond the platform of our body mind intellect ego and learn to live in the spiritual realm or spiritual platform. It is tough but not impossible.

  2. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    Mahua,Thank you for the nice comment. Knowing how to live life is necessary,so as to know the importance of Death. People are afraid of death but death is the truth of soul.

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