September 4th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The state of knowing something is knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired by reading books. It can be accomplished through discussing with others. Gathering information with interest is knowledge.

The state of making the right decision and judgment is Wisdom. It is attained through experience of life. Soul searching is the way of wisdom. Soul searching means to find who we are. Wisdom cannot be gained through material items, it is accomplished through the churning of inner power. Wisdom refines our character. It is said that if the character is lost, everything is lost. Character building begins from childhood. Childhood is the time to give values of life.

Knowledge can be obtained from external sources such as books, magazines, audio, video, and classroom lectures. All the gadgets, that we use in today’s life came externally through knowledge. Electricity, electronics, the atom bomb, automatic guns, all are invented by people through reading and research. Knowledge can be gathered by reading, attending school, college, university. Knowledge is carried off through research. Different kinds of medicines are the result of knowledge.

Today’s scenario of Coronavirus (2020) is the result of the stupidity of knowledge. This is done by so many knowledgeable persons. They involved themselves in the research in Wuhan, China. The world is suffering because of unwise inventions. The virus is invented through research for destruction but where is the noble invention of remedies? The invention of automatic guns is taking the life of the wise and innocent. Knowledge is more appropriate if it is done with values.

On the other hand, wisdom is earned by judging the outcome of knowledge.

Wisdom teaches us to differentiate the right or wrong actions. Wisdom is nothing but to find out the truth for oneself. Reasoning out of any fact is the gateway of wisdom. That is realization. Feel nothing, know nothing, the Greek philosopher said that the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. They said, mankind is made of two kinds of people, one is wise people who know they’re fools, and fools who think they are wise. Second, are worthless people who live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.

Wisdom and Knowledge should go hand in hand. Many people in the world are so knowledgeable that is beyond ordinary people’s thinking. Teaching and learning begin at a very early age. Teaching with analyzing can give better character building, values, and ethics. Wisdom is the ability to use a sensible process of thinking by analysing properly.

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  1. Annapoorni Balan Says:

    Very beautifully presented ma’am, taking care of all aspects of the development and process of one’s life

  2. Ruby Dey Says:

    I really like the way you distinguish ‘Wisdom & ‘Knowledge in your well articulated write-up. Its an unending process to achieve both of these & there are endless resources available, although ultimately we humans have to continuously aspire & have the awareness & quest to truly achieve them appropriately.

  3. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    Though analysing oneself is difficult but not impossible.

  4. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    Thank you Annapoorni Balan & Ruby Dey for reading it thoroughly.

  5. Ramesh Nehete Says:

    Very well said….absolutely true

  6. Ramesh Nehete Says:

    Absolutely true

  7. Bikash Paul Choudhury Says:

    Well narrated the different facets of education and means by which the same is acqired. It will be useful to many in knowledge of building the character.

  8. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    Thank you Bikash and Ramesh Nehete

  9. Swapan PURKAYASTHA Says:

    Before sitting and starting a vehicle we must know how to Stop it. So virtual training and indestructive experiment is essential.

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