Miraculous incident

July 27th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

It is said that ‘Peoples never meet incidentally’. Yes, it is said that we met before & will meet again.

I wanted to narrate a miraculous meeting of a group of men when I took my younger son to Gulbarga for an entrance exam. When we got down from the train, a young man about 25 years old, came near me and asked me,” Are you Jashodhara Madam”? He was carrying a placard with my name. I was surprised to see the young lad. I had never seen him before. I was a little nervous during night time (9 p.m). When I got down at the station, he pronounced my name properly. Though it had struck me but at night, where to go? I didn’t know him and neither any of our friends or relatives were there in Gulbarga.

It was night, but still, I asked him, “Take us to some hotel nearby”. We searched some hotels for almost two hours but in vain as almost full train passengers came here for their children’s exam.

At last, he took us to his sister’s house nearby where she lived alone with her two years child. I’ll never forget the incidence of welcome as if I was some VIP. She prepared various dishes for us.

The next morning, the young man came with an autorickshaw and took us to the exam center. After the exam, he showed us the entire Gulbarga in an auto. I could do only one thing for them was to arrange a lunch for them in a good restaurant.Β  Many a time, I asked the young man, “how did he know me”? Without any answer, he smiled.

The next day, at least 20 people came to the railway station to see off us. I just wondered, who they were. So before leaving I couldn’t get his name. He must have told me the name but I couldn’t remember it now. I tried to find out from him, how he knew my name. He always smiled.

After reaching home, I send them some gifts by post but who were they are still unknown to me to date.

The incident put a great mark on my mind.

God himself must have accompanied us. I believe that if we believe in God, He is always with us πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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Love Never Ends

July 1st, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

My understanding of love may not match with anyone. Love grows from trust, empathy, and caring. Love life can be invaluable if anyone knows the value of love. What we are mistaken with Love is Attachment.
Attachment is a powerful weapon of binding. The first attachment begins with the physical body. Then all the attachments crop up. Attachment grows when there is pleasure. Whenever there is attachment, there is infatuation and fear. Fear of losing. Attachment brings misery.
Love brings contentment as love is bliss. Actually, love is freedom.
Parvati lives with her husband Shiva. Shiva takes care of her.
Once Shiva told her, ”I want you in my next birth but I want a bride who never tells me any harsh word. The girl will give me the food that I love. The girl will not bother anyone but only for me”.
Parvati smilingly answered, ” That means you are very much attached to her.”
Every day, Shiva repeated the same thing. He said, β€œI love you a lot Parvati”.

Parvati said,” Love comes from within. You cannot measure it. You cannot see it, you can feel it. There is no dependency on love. There are no arguments in love.”
One day, Parvati had some puja at home. She wore a red saree, gajra in her hair. There were some ladies in the house including her daughter. She asked everyone to take prasad. A few minutes later after Puja, when she prostrated in the puja room near an Idol of Krishna, she collapsed. Her daughter thought Parvati must not have had anything in the morning. She was quite pious. She called her,” Maa!Maa!”
When she couldn’t open her eyes, Shiva came running. He said, “Parvati, this is not fair. We have promised to go to abode together. We did everything together, you assure me that we will roam in paradise together. Why did you lie to me?Β  Why did you not wait for me?” By saying this much, Shiva became unconscious and after a week, he passed away peacefully.
I think this is Love.

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