June 27th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Last December 2019,We decided to visit Orlando,Florida USA. My son planned everything & jotted down the places of visiting. He rented a SUV for travelling. Early morning,we boarded on the car.

Orlando is the best and safest city in Florida. It has many restaurant, coffee shops and parks.

Many families,mainly seniors shift here after their retirement as the city tend to be liberal and not very expensive. The place is known for Disney world and Universal studio. There are lots of attraction.People visit world famous theme parks. People visit Universal studios, Cinderella castle at Walt Disney world. While travelling towards Orlando,we stopped at many places. We went through Atlanta ,Georgia. It took almost 16 hours to reach Orlando as we stopped in many places. Otherwise,it takes 14 hours 2 minutes. We boarded from Indiana covering 1630 km.till Orlando.

We enjoyed the road trip. We stopped at many places as my grand daughter couldn’t sit for long time in her car seat. We stopped at Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga,Macon and planned to stop at Atlanta while returning.

While stopping at Ocala, my grand daughter started crying and didn’t want to board in her car seat. We failed to make her understand as she was only one and half  years old.

All of a sudden, an old senior came near the car and smilingly asked, “May I  help you in any way? Why is the baby uncomfortable? Where are your destination ?”

Here in USA, people are quite friendly but they will not touch children without parents permission.

I replied,”We are going to Orlando , Florida. She doesn’t want to sit in her car seat. We are trying our level best to  apprehend but she is quite young to understand it”.

The senior said ,”If you don’t mind, I live at the back of this gas station. Can you come to my place for sometime? The baby will feel fresh and then you can leave for your destination. Orlando is only one hour from Ocala.”

With hesitation,we agreed to his proposal and walked with him. We reached his home in no time.

He opened the apartment and said, “We used to live in California during our service era. After retirement ,we shifted here and we heard that this is the cheapest place to live in. Many people shift here after retirement. Six months ago, my wife left me and reached abode”. He pointed his pointer upward.

After reaching his home, my granddaughter was so happy as if she had been here before. She ran here and there. He looked for some ball or toys but didn’t get. My granddaughter unexpectedly found a small ball and happily brought it to him.

He was very happy to see the ball and said ,”This was my Jacky’s (dog) ball. My granddaughter played for sometime. Got tired and slept.

Toddlers always enjoy having other kids around. Sometimes they expect  to “play” with elderly. They are thrilled about sharing toys with elders but not with other toddlers. She was happy with the stranger we met in the gas station. We thanked him and said good bye to him. We meet so many people in life. It is said that “once we meet means we have already met in previous birth and will meet again in later life.”


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  1. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    Though we went to Florida last December but the story is imaginative

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