I Want to Live for Myself

June 2nd, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

As a mother, I gave birth & showed you the light of the Earth,

You crawled, you stood, you ran and climbed the train’s Berth.

I spent many sleepless night when you had high fever,

Next day took leave from work, neglect you never.

I sat with you to teach the lesson but can’t help you to learn,

Everywhere I was there with you to help and not to get any burn.

In each and every path of life, I gave you the direction,

I gave you freedom in every step to take a proper decision.

I taught you the right and wrong, what I knew was the right,

You had sometimes chosen the wrong path with stubbornness & might.

I gave you so many toys, when you make my expectation clear,

You might not have liked those toys, but accepted them with honour.

I taught you to share with all and never to become selfish,

You followed it often, continued it & fulfill your wishes.

Though I taught you to respect elders, yet can’t force you to follow,

I tried to give you the value of life, but could not teach you to follow.

I told you many moral stories and discuss about God,

Godliness is difficult to follow as it is like a iron rod.

Though I had carried you in my womb and taken care till now,

Yet I want to live for myself, in this venerable age without any glow.

I want to cook for myself now, what I didn’t do these years.,

Try some recipes, from the younger genesis, spreading open arms.

Buy some fancy dresses, what I not worn before on top ,

Order on-line with pictures in front, opening my laptop.

I sing some favourite songs aloud and record them on mobile,

Sometimes upload on YouTube or sometimes hum a little.

I write my untold stories, share with my dear ones and unfamiliar one,

Those who read them, show the gratitude and love alone.

Living for others, making for dear ones could be one kind of happiness,

Knowing oneself from body to soul within could be forever endless .

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