Unknown Occurance

May 25th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

During lockdown, we heard of many people stuck in different places. Many tourists went on a tour to Kashmir but were stuck there. They remained in the hotel and their stock of money got over and couldn’t return home.
Everyday, I stand on my balcony to see some migrants staying opposite in an under construction building. They took bath in the morning and had their food 4 times.
Everyday, myself and my neighbour chat on pandemic. She loves my stories .Every morning, I send her some story or write up.
One unfortunate night, myself and my neighbour were chatting on whatsapp till 10.p.m . Afterwards, I went to sleep. My son woke me up and asked me to watch a good movie. With concentration, we were watching the movie. At about, 10.30p.m our door bell rang. With surprise we looked at each other. I opened the door. A lady from our building informed that our neighbour passed away at 10.23 p.m. l was really shocked and went inside my neighbour’s house🏠.
She told me, after we stopped chatting at 10p.m, her husband was feeling breathlessness and within no time, he put his head on her shoulder. She noticed that her husband’s tongue came out and she felt that he was No More. Immediately, she called the doctor who lives in the second floor. He came and declared him dead by severe heart attack.
Life cannot be assured by anyone. God has written a story for everyone. Date of birth, all important incidences and the date of death. No one can stop it. No one can bring it back.

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