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May 7th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

There was a bachelor , Sanjay who lived opposite to Priti’s house. Sanjay was sixty years old. Every time Priti used to call Sanjay uncle at her place even during celebrations. Every week, there was discussion at Priti’s place regarding some motivational topics. Priti’s children used to take part in the discussions. It was a daily chore of their life.
One day, Sanjay uncle said “Lets discuss, ‘there is no love in this universe’”. Priti asked him, “Why is this topic? With love, the universe exists. With love people are living united. With love society survives. Loves comes from within. You neither buy it from the market nor can arrange in a flower vase “.
“I don’t agree with you” Uncle said. He continued, “Whatever, you said are attachments not Love”.
Priti replied, ’my understanding of love may not match with your thought but relationship grows from trust, empathy and caring. Love life can be invaluable if anyone knows the value of love. Sanjay uncle said, “Attachment is a powerful weapon of binding. The first attachment begins with physical body. Then all the attachments crop up. Attachment grows when there is pleasure. Whenever there is attachment, there is infatuation and fear.
“Fear of what”? Priti asked curiously
“Fear of losing. Attachment brings misery but love brings contentment as love is bliss. Actually, love is freedom”. He said
Today, Priti is quite old and she remembered Sanjay uncle’s words. She felt that, he was very accurate. She thought could be he was reading a lot. Her children are grown up now. They are settled in their life.
Priti lives with her husband Shiva. Shiva takes care of her.
Once he told Priti,”I want you in my next birth but I want a bride who never tells me a hard word. The girl will love my physique. The girl will give me the food what I love. The girl will not bother for anyone but only for me”.
Every day, Shiva repeated the same thing. He said, “I love you a lot Priti”.
Every day, Priti said, ”I pray to God that you will get the girl of your choice in next birth. She continued with a smile, “If I die before you, you will get a girl of your choice. If you die before me, you have to bear me in next life also”. They laughed aloud.
Priti and her husband Shiva travelled here and there. Sometimes they visited their children’s’ place and enjoyed. One fortunate year, they thought of travelling to Nainital and it was summer, May month. It was quite chilly during summer month as well. Priti wore a kashmiri shawl which she bought during her son’s marriage. Shiva was in his usual blue jacket. Both were taking an evening walk. Very happily Priti said, “You remember, we came here long ago but now everything has changed a lot. Now we are scared to go to lake even. When we came for the first time we had ‘Chana Jor Garom’ as cold breeze was blowing”. Shiva told,” Yes our boat had stuck in the middle of the lake”.
Both of them returned to their hotel and had their small dinner. In the morning, Shiva got up early for a morning walk. He called Priti many times. He thought, Priti never slept in this manner. She woke up even with a small sound. He went near her and called again,’Priti! Priti!”. Priti did not reply and Shiva turned her pale face. He called the hotel manager for doctor’s help. The doctor came and declared her dead five hours ago. “Priti, you have kept your words” Shiva said that means you will not come to me again.

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