God on Earth

June 23rd, 2014 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once God thought of making a software . THAT (God) could not sleep that night and walked everywhere. Next day THAT came to the earth to see the condition of mankind. Everyone has lots of desires. Everyone wants the material comforts. They are buying all modern gadgets. Every now and then they are buying mobiles of different kind to satisfied their needs. When God went to the shopping mall, THAT observed that peoples’ hands are occupied with carry bags full of materials. God sat near the fountain and smiled in THAT’S mind. Suddenly God saw a child of two years wanted a toy of its choice. God wanted to see whether its parents give the toy to the child. God went near the shop and observed the behaviour of the child. All the time the child showed different toys. Parents were confused. At last they bought a small toy for him and walked away. God smiled at the behaviour of three and went to heaven.

Next morning, when God woke up THAT thought “Now it is the time to make the people understand what is my plan.Let the people use their intellect and work. My work has to begin now”. THAT started making a software. God collected many buttons and made a software and sent it to the world. Looking at the new software, all wanted to operate it. God had designed in such a way that nobody knew the usage of the new one. Everyone got different window. Every individual randomly started pressing those buttons. One person named Radha used her intellect and pressed number five button. Immediately full computer burst and she died.

Every individual started pressing these buttons according to the programme created by the planner according to ones Karma. Everything in the Universe has a specific cause and effect (KARMA); the magnitude of an effect is due to the cause and may be created at the time of action as Radha pressed the button. This principle acts in the,materials, mind and Spirit. There is no such thing as chance, luck or random events. We only use these terms when we cannot identify the cause. People know the effects of something after the consequences.

The Principle of Cause and Effect enables us to comrd “karma” refers to a cause and the effect – could be either positive or negative but not yet known to the people which button gives what effect. When discussed this principle, people try to understand that whatever happens in our life may be favourable or unfavourable is due to our action whether previously done or present action.

Sometimes the action could be done consciously or unconsciously and if the effect is good, people boosted its own ego. However if it is not good, then blame God or other people or bad luck. The Law of Cause and Effect is always acting in individual’s life.

God started watching from heaven that whenever desire cannot be controlled, people press the button and try to get something from Pandora’s box. Choice of pressing the button also depends on the previous action done in the past life or in the present. God is good .If the mind is the doer, we have to convince and control our intellect.Mind is drifting here and there easily. So we have to regulate our mind by controlling our intellect.

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