November 10th, 2013 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Actually, no Varna system existed in the past. However, selfish people made it according to their comfort. Intellectual people in the past had different opinion about our body. Our body is divided into four Varnas. The supreme part Head is named as the Brahmin that can observe or study thoughtfully and contemplate different problems. The head can determine the process well and solve the problem. Our shoulder and hands are the Kshtriyas as these parts bear the weight of the roof and do the activities signaled by the head. Our stomach is the Vaishya who can stock the wealth keeping us healthy. The lower limbs are very important, without which people cannot move from one place to another, is named as the Sudras. We can find here that each part of the body rely one another for support. Each Varna helps one another.

There is a reason why this question came to my mind. One sage asked me, if head is Brahmin, then why are we touching Sudra, the feet and bow down? My answer was ā€“ our ego comes from our head or brain. Touching feet, means bowing down our entire feeling consciously .Self importance or Self-esteem makes us unhappy. That means when a person understands the importance of Sudras ( Lower parts), the ā€˜Iā€™ ness will disappear.

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  1. MONI Says:

    Bowing to the Form in front of us, as in Namaskar, depicts that we Accept GOD as its creator. We still have classification of Work in modern industry for Efficient functioning. Our ‘ Gayatri Mantra ‘, repeated often by Brahmins, actually tells of concentrating on the Quality of the Sun (as GOD) and this means that, “The Sun shines equally without differentiating and gives importance to all around”

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