Parents’ cooperation with Teachers for all round development of children

January 15th, 2013 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Swami Vivekananda says, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”. Education must develop the will; produce infinite energy, zeal, courage and patience. Teachers and parents are the part and parcel of a social institution. Education means a personal contact with teacher. It is the teacher who moulds the child’s future with the help of love and affection.

Parents’ cooperation and involvement is very essential in the field of education. School is the second home of a child. The child should feel that it is at home when in school. This can be created through active participation of parents. Children are very attached to their parents and when they come to school they feel for their parents.

Here the teacher’s role begins. Teacher should take active and important part in making them happy by sharing its love, affection with children. This way they are slowly attach to the teacher and school. The child’s problem can be solved with the help of their parents by free communication.

There was a girl (class 3) of 8 years used to cry when her grandfather used to leave her in school every day and teacher used to find her unhappy in the classroom. Many a time the teacher showed her concern about the girl and tried to solve the problem. Two months passed this way. The teacher reported the behaviour of the child to its superior.

After that the teacher decided to call her mother. When her mother came to meet her, teacher came to know that the mother is a single parent. Immediately teacher came to know the psychology of the girl. The teacher then started to call some of the elderly children from other classes who are brought up by single handedly by their mother from childhood. This particular child started talking to them and slowly mixing with her classmates. She slowly stopped crying. In this particular case, the mother took initiative to help teacher to solve her daughter’s problem. Though she used to come first rank in academics yet never used to take part in any other activities. Later on, she took part in other activities and excelling in life. Teacher appreciated her mother for her cooperation.

Teacher should be very close to each and every parent. It should know their family background, culture, economic condition, educational set up for all round development of children. Attendance is necessary in day to day development. So if a child is absent for couple of days, the teacher should find out the reason by calling their parents or visiting them at home. If there is some economic or social problem arises, teacher can try to solve them politely or arrange to provide some economic help by collecting a small donation from all the students or request management members to contribute for the good cause.

Parents’ cooperation is very essential for improving the quality of education in the school. They can talk to teacher and arrange a proper person for E-live learning, Blended learning, online learning & etc. for today’s education. Sometimes psychiatrist or psychologist should be called for proper guidance and counselling. Doctor parents can be called for health check up and biological teaching. Child will free to talk to an unknown person at school. Even child of the doctor will be happy. During the annual day programme, parents and teacher should discuss the programme and take initiative to complete the venture.

The problem related with water supply, cleanliness, nutrition can be overcome with the help of parents. Time to time parents can call nutritionist for proper guidance to children, teachers and parents. Sometimes with the permission of the school authority and teachers, parents can arrange some nutritional camp in the school. School should call some expert for parents to discuss how to handle different age group children especially adolescents.

Parents nowadays are employed or engaged and remain away from home for several hours. Children spend less time with them and feel deprived at home. They don’t want to go home after the school. Teacher can call the parents and suggest them to spend holidays and go for weekend out for hours with their children. This can help all round development. Children suffer mentally by the unrealistic expectation of parents. It is the duty of teachers to bring a notice to parents for the healthy mental development of a child.

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