My childhood prayer

April 19th, 2012 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

During my childhood,we had a custom to sing a prayer in the dusk after the evening pastime. We used to sing the prayer of Avatars of Lord Vishnu i.e the hightest God in Hinduism.

The scripture says that there are different incarnation of Lord Vishnu that take the divine form and recognised as the various stages of human evolution.It means to destroy the cruelty and injustice and re-establishment of righteousness on Earth.

The sequence of Lord Vishnu on Earth is in the tune with evolutionary theory.  

The First Avatar of Lord Vishnu— Matsya Avatar i.e fish that rescue plant and animals. It has been confirmed by science that the first life evolved underwater.

The second Avatar—Kurma Avatar i.e tortoise which can live in water and on land.It supports the churn of the ocean to obtain treasure dissolved in ocean. It indicates the moving life from under water to surface of water.

The third Avatar—Varaha Avatar is boar that raises earth from bottom of the sea.Boar is a complete land animal that means life has moved out of water and proceeded towards land.

The fourth Avatar–Narasimha Avatar i.e Man-Lion challanges classification and overpowers mortals who seek to outwit death.The incarnation is the tranformation of animal to man.

The fifth Avatar–Vamana Avatar–i.e the dwarf who claims the sky from gods and buries the demons in  underbelly of the earth. The transition from breastly form to human form and development of intelligence.

The sixth Avatar– Parasurama Avatar i.e a priest who turns to violence to kill unrighteous kings and immoral women. He developed weapon and axe. It symbolises the transformation of stone to axe and first settlement of human in forests.

The seventh Avatar– Ram Avatar i.e the perfectman, the king of Ayodha,who uploaded old rules at the cost of his personal life. He cleared the forest and developed  small communities and protected them.

The eighth Avatar—Krishna Avatar i.e the divine figure was a cowhard, cherioteer who carefully and intelligentlychanged the rule.He potrayed with cow and other people,the beginning of domestication and development. 

The ninth Avatar— Balaram and some people say its Buddha i.e.Buddha simply mean a person possesses buddhi i.e intelligence, preaching false views in order to delude demoms. The beginning of agricultural era as Balaram potrayed with plough. 

The tenth Avatar–Kalki Avatar i.e kalki means eternity. It is the last incarnation who is expected to appear soon when the world will get rid ofthe oppression of its unrightousness and unvirtuousness. That Avatar is yet to come. It is believed that it will ride a swift horse A nuclear weapon is stored and it will destroy the world illustarte this.

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  1. Be Beaut Says:

    This blog post is very interesting. Would love to read a little more of this.

  2. Swapan Says:

    There are many views as there are people. The Avatars can even be 24 in number. GOD as a Dot of light envisaged the Seed as Devi and creation of Lords started in different forms we imagined from time-to-time.

  3. In Susies Shoes Says:

    Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.

  4. Deepa Says:

    Nice reading, I commend your out-and-out explantion!

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