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April 12th, 2012 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

I came across many people including young students who are very much forgetful, so this prompted me to write the topic. They can not remember things properly. Even I can not remember the names easily. Recently I found that my mother can’t remember the recent incidents properly but she is neither emotional nor  is she aggressive. Keeping these things in my mind, I thought of writing some memory exercises. These techniques are useful for all. Students can do the exercise regularly for better performance. 

There are many techniques to improve memory. The memory depends on age. Some old people remember the old experience well but forget the present. We tend to forget the name, password, telephone numbers etc, etc. very often and sometimes it is very difficult to memorize again.

Lets find out some of the common & simple techniques to remember the things well.

Mnemonics: It is a greek word which means “Aid to memory”. This system usually makes use of visual imagery to provide useful association and connection to memory. Some popular devices are—-

a) Pegword method: We build up a picture in our mind. We have to remember a set peg words rather than a location.

The peg words numbering 1 to 10 may be memorized by—

One is won 

Two is tow  

Three is tree  

Four is more 

Five is hive 

Six is mix 

Seven is heaven

Eight is rate 

Nine is Rhine

Ten is hen 

If these images don’t attract, then change them for something more meaningful.

b) Link and story method: Link and story is one of the easiest mnemonics. Create a memorable story and link with the present situation.

I’ll mention the remaining techniques in next write up.


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    Learn, understand and implement that is a great asset. The more you read the more you forget. The more you forget the the less you learn. So read less lol.

    Remembering things by these methods would be interesting.

  2. Julia Dutta Says:

    Here’s another in Hindustani
    Ek is fake
    Do is low
    Teen is teen
    Char is far
    Paach is munch
    Chey is che
    Sath is saath
    Aanth is fart
    Nau is no
    Dus is bus

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  4. Laqi Styling Says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts. I really appreciate it!

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