October 30th, 2011 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

There is a saying ‘Failure is the pillar of success ’. Young people do not believe in this saying. They become disappointed if success does not come easily.

Failure is the challenge to success, which we have seen in many instances. The student, who always stands first in the class and first in everything, cannot tolerate the failure. Failure teaches us more things what success cannot. For example, this year, I have seen in the newspaper that one boy appeared twelve times in SSC exam and passed. He was also working somewhere. As soon as he passed, he immediately got a promotion and his mother was very happy. After being demotivated for twelve long years, he now decided to continue his studies. Now if he was disappointed by his failure, he would not have got his promotion and remain in the same place. So success is the progressive realisation of worthy dreams, goal and objectives. If anybody sees the summit of success in the beginning and does not work for it, his dreams will be day-dreaming and he will never be successful in life.

I call success as the eye ball of fish where Arjun concentrated seeing the reflection of a fish in water and pierced the fish with his arrow. For success, one needs to concentrate on the goal and aim for it.

People become sad when they are unsuccessful drowned in planning. The realisation of one’s drawback is the pillar of success. Once a person realises his mistake and rectifies it, his path of success is ready for exploration. Negative thought brings negative vibration in the body. So success or failure depends upon the vibration of one’s thoughts.

But the main enemies of success are over enthusiasm, carelessness and sleeping nature (lazy).

If the goal is not correct according to ones nature and is over enthusiastic by working harder and harder, the goal cannot be achieved.

If the goal is aimed at destination and does not carefully guide the aim, it is difficult to arrive at the point of goal, destination and objectives and success will run away from the point of goal.

If the goal is not by action but only by day-dreaming, it will be only a dream not the real picture.

Wildly running after the goal is akin to seeing a mirage in the desert. It will be like searching for precious diamond in a heap of sand.


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