Childhood Dream

August 27th, 2011 by Indrani

         CHHOTTO SHONAR SHOPNO                                                             Small Golden Dream
Dekhchho Maa go aamar gadi kemon jore chhote!                            Do you see Mother how fast my car runs !
Koto rokom kayda kore paharh beye othe.                                           Trying all kind of moves, climbs a hill.
Paharh chhede ekhon dekho shoru rasta dhore                                  Leaving hills, now see, takes a narrow road,
Pode jawar bhaan kore je jayna sheshe pode.                                     Acting to fall-off, might in reality fall.





Lal bichhanar maathaar ‘pore balisher je paharh-                             At the end of red bed, pillow is the hill
onek koshte ghure-ghure uthlo dekho ebar.                                        After many troublesome turns, climbed now.
Tarpore shey periye elo tomar haater pul                                            Then it crossed your bridge made of hand
Peye gelo gaadi sheshe tomar shobuj kol,                                            The car found lastly your green lap



Dekho cheye koto je maa aachhe aamar gaadi-                                   See mother all my variety of cars
Gunte gele haar manbe tomar joto shaadi.                                           If counted your number of Saris will lose.
Mon kede ney nanan ronger desh-bidesher gaadi                              Mind is pulled towards colored variety cars
Kinte hobe eshob kichhu aache tadatadi                                               Have to buy these quick and fast …
Bodo hoye kinbo aami moner moto gaadi ,                                          After growing up will buy cars as per wish
Tomay niye debo tokhon onek dure padi.                                            Will take you then to far-off places.



Tumi bolo, “ shona aamar podashuno koro                                          You say, “my darling study hard
Moner moto gaadi kinte poysha laage bodo                                         To buy car as per wish huge money is required
Podashona-i hobe tomar bondhu ekdin.                                               Studies will be your friend one day
Bondhu hoye she tomar shohay hobe shedin                                       This friend will support you that day
bodo maper shopno je shob dekhchho tumi ekhon                            Big dreams that you see now-a-days
Bodo hoye tokhon tumi parbe korte puron.”                                       Growing up will then fulfill your dream”

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    One must work on dream and must learn how to earn. The childhood is the most wonderful year of life and if the parents can mould the child in the direction that is the greatest job. Habits formed in the childhood are difficult to break.

  2. jashodhara Says:

    I appreciate your writing, Indrani. You can write more on this site.

  3. Indrani Purkayastha Says:

    I’m grateful to Mr. Swapan Purkayastha, for his effort to bring my poem in this website & translated it in English.Thanks a lot Monida

  4. swapan Says:

    Child is innocent GOD and care-free. He plays with dreams and creates new ideas. As his mind grows till the age of 15 years, reality shows-up creating Stress. This can be avoided when the picture of the world outside is presented in a playful way as in the Poem.
    Good way to express through Beautiful poetry.

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