Art of Reasoning

July 21st, 2011 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Human beings are the highest creation of God. Human-beings have intelligence, which makes them rational & thinking animal. This rationality depends on thinking and reasoning. Thinking and reasoning go hand in hand for success. The people who have developed these ability are regarded as efficient and respectful in the society.

Those who can think clearly and put efforts on reasoning are considered as successful people. Artists, litterateur, economists, scientists, who have extended their thinking and reasoning, have become powerful, successful and famous beings of the world.

Nowadays people are facing lot of problems due to competition, high price, environmental condition, constrain in food availability etc. There is no ready-made solution for the problem. Reasoning is the only solution for the problem. It is difficult to feed the brain or mind for proper reasoning. Reasoning is the most complex form of adjustment. Well organized mind can easily expose the complexity of reasoning.

According to Maier,” Reasoning is productive thinking in which previous experiences are organized or combined in new ways to solve a problem”.  According to Rudolf Arnheim,”All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention”.
When to Reason
a) Difficult situation: i) Identify the difficult situation ii) Explain the difficult situation iii) Condition of the situation iv) Evaluate the situation. These can be gathered from people’s experiences, T.V., pictures, film etc. After getting the information, it should be evaluated. Then information can be organized and classified. Then it is easy to impart reasoning to the situation and solve the problem easily.


Art of Reasoning


1.Know the Life Problem:
The life problem can be 3E–Education, Economy and Employment
Education: There is difficulty in enrolment in any faculty of choice.
Economy: High fees, High price etc.
Employment: Right job & Right kind of environment.
2. Lack of knowledge:
Family members are ignorant of 3E. They sometimes depend on the environment or today’s trends. They are forced to be with the trend.
3. Discussion:
Parents should take interest in the well-being of the children. They should discuss the interest of the child and then take a decision.
Discussion should take place between loved ones as love can take the thing ahead.
Teachers are the maker of society. They are the back-bone of future generation. They should consider child as individual and treat accordingly.
4. Solve the problem:
After gathering all the above mentioned information, now the time has come to give reasons to your thought. This is the crucial moment of brain and mind. Right reasoning means success ahead. Many a time after discussion and knowledge, we can’t give reasoning to our thought and our success hampered. So reasoning is the Gateway of Success.


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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    India’s research work ‘Ved’ had concluded as Philosophy in ‘Upanishad’. The results were due to analytically studies as Ved in Gurukuls. Here every action was considered a problem and put to six questions starting with ‘K’ in Hindi (Kyu, Kab, Kahaa, Kyaa, Kitnaa & Kaise). Now we lack this form of education and get trained in foreign countries.
    The need for deeds as problems, is due to our Re-birth which will make us feel depressed and conclude that there is no GOD without understanding the system of ‘Karma’ or ‘Effect & Cause’.
    So this article can point to our rich heritage and we can mend our ways for better future birth.

  2. jashodhara Says:

    Thank you Swapan for a valuable comment.


    Why ?
    Gives lots of thinking and reasoning. A person who gives a thought then he can become Newton or Gautam Buddha.
    Now a song comes to my mind A kya hau, kaise hau, kab hau, kyun hau these things are necessary to analyse.

    You are right about the Three E too. I did not have any interest in Science but was forced to take the subject as my parents wanted me to be a Engineer.

    My interest was ignored, today when i look back it a big lesson to learn.

    Economy I am facing the situation with my daughter high fees, but I have given her freedom to act, although I do advise.

    Yes parents responsiblities and care is necessary, I have personally made a point to treat my daughter and son with equality and would provide a life long support to my daughter and solve her problems if ever she has. The point after marriage is very important to daughter although interference will be avoided, but whenever she will feel, I will help her. Love must be unconditional.

    Thanks for your article. God bless u.

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