December 22nd, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The dictionary meaning of aggression is an unprovoked offensive action .e.g. a student is upset for failing and asks the teacher or principal to take the examination again, but it is not in the system says the teacher, resulting the student into aggression. When the mind cannot express its will, the outburst action is called Aggression. It is ignorance and egoism.

Irritation, frowning, resentment, indignation, rage, fury, wrath are the varieties of aggression, according to the degree or intensity.

There are many general causes of aggression—
1. Broken Home
2. Poverty
3. Racism
4. Inequality
5. Chemical imbalance in the brain
6. T.V. violence
7. Sexual repression
8. Sexual freedom
9. Overpopulation
10. Bad genes

Human desires are endless. Every human-being wants comforts & luxuries. Everyone wants perpetual health, unconditional love and continuous attention. Some people are realistic to the situation but some are violent due to frustration. They compare themselves to other and when all the requirement are not fulfilled, they become aggressive.

What are the causes ?
There are five key factors — Neurosis, Desperation, Envy, Greed and Collectivism.
Neurosis — Irritating thoughts and acts causing harm to self and others. e.g. not getting the love of his/her choice
Desperation — Worst situation and the environment push the person to do the unwanted act. e.g. slum dweller (Child) does not know who his father is and enters into criminal act.
Envy — Inequality brings the person to become envious. e.g. in the class comparison between two equal calibre or two mischievous children.
Greed — Greed is the obsessive desire for material possession. e.g. by hook or crook get the material of desire.
Collectivism — Social collective — society, the people, state, mob tendency etc. has rights, needs and moral authority.

Types of aggression:


  • Has a substance abuse problem
  • Engaged in violent behaviour
  • Tantrums and uncontrolled angry outburst
  • Continues to exhibit antisocial behavior
  • Often engaged in name-calling, cursing and abusing
  • Bringing weapon to threaten or attack
  • Sudden poor performance
  • Few or no close friend
  • Little parental supervision
  • Blame others for own mistake
  • Express sadistic, violent, prejudicial or intolerant attitude
  • Destructive nature by damaging environment
  • Not empathetic to others pain

Remedy :
Some actions minimize most of the aggression :

  • Create a constructive environment where general norms are accepted by reasoning and analyzing.
  • Provide rational, moral, emotional, spiritual education to adolescent and youth, explaining that aggression neither solves self and others problem.
  • Greed, Intoxication, Desire, Lust and Envy are irrational as they instigate by decreasing goodness and positiveness.
  • Reject the “myth of the Mob tendency” – involving the nation, state or race when inner-self identity is lost and innovative or creativeness will die.

Human is identified by Soul, which is Peaceful, Blissful and Freedom loving. Due to social, cultural and geographical environment make them violent like animals without controlling the basic instinct. Aggression leads to frustration and loneliness.

Aggression may never be eliminated entirely, but it can be reduced to very low levels by creating societies of freedom, self-awareness and compassion.

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  1. Saptarshi Says:

    Excellent article… Informative and concise!

  2. Swapan Says:

    Violence is individual’s character from birth, brought forth due to past Karma. This is due to environment of the persons stay in that part of the World. This aggressive nature can be changed with circumstances in the new world, which will be registered and reflected in the next span through the Soul’s “sanskaar'(instinctive Nature) impressed in the ‘Guna’.
    Karma is in our hand and GOD is the recorder and executor as per laws of Life.

  3. Namrata Nehete Says:

    Excellent Article. I was not aware of this before. Thanks for sharing this.


    Great things which i knew unconciously about agression now i now it conciously.
    Some aggression is necessary be what the field otherwise people exploit you.
    Aggression, killing intinct 10% can result in great success.

    Thanks for this wornderful article.

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