Realising Meditation

August 29th, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Every time I read newspaper
As I’m a good reader
From first page to last
I go through very fast.

Many information, many articles
Many a time read miracles
Many a time terrorist attack
Then many times the road stuck.

My favourite is the speaking tree
Bring about the thought as free
Every day it gives some mind food
May be the purpose to feel good.

Time to time, I hear Meditation
Tells to focus steadily on respiration
Unreal thought activates the mind
The hard reality goads self to find

Buddha advised, be aware of situation,
In all ways processes of life’s action
Sensible and alert in every moment
To recognize the God‘s Movement.

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    Some news are good some are bad. Articles on philosphy, meditation and way how to lead leave a great impact.
    I try to read articles which are good and of my taste as I eat only things in hotel which are of my taste. Rest at times even in news paper some articles are disturbing to the youth.

  2. MONI Says:

    The Swan selects the milk out of water is a saying. Your poems tells of mind truly. Agitated mind with the negative news, which is attractive, keeps calmness away. This mind can’t concentrate. So a secluded place and an object to stare at helps.

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