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August 29th, 2010 by MONI

My articles do not delve into examples and references, or else every sentence would be a paragraph.  Keeping it short & sweet, we can say, ‘Family is the smallest Unit of our society’. The future of our Society grows here, where Mother is the first teacher to guide the child. It is the result of Marriage as an institution. This grown-up child is important member of the society, ‘an adult is the reflection of childhood’. The topic is based on experience during counselling with

We can now gauge the gravity of the situation, where our adult population grows into violent inhuman character. The reasons being apparent as to why it is so. We have to now tackle the problems for a just and peacefully happy social structure. Mother, educated analytically, creates an intellectual society not depending on rich & poor family. Parenting is a very important aspect and similar is ‘pre-marital counselling’. In educating the mother, Psychology and Philosophy as a subject is very essential. The mother as a girl is guided from childhood according to the norms of society. Here, the girl’s vulnerable physic is focused. She is taught the nuances of behaviour….. as to how to talk, dress, walk, sit, and avoid certain act. The society being patriarchal, outside influence creates certain laws at home. The male member moves out of home and is trained for a harsh life, interacting with all in the trade. So the boy is out of bounds regarding norms like a free bird, eating wherever mind pleases unlike girls. He is least guided vis-à-vis examples set for girls and remains more extroverts, innovative and naughty. The girl notes these and as a mother agrees to such norms for the boy child. The boy has to be called gentleman to bring him to senses from his rough behaviour.

The child must be born in a new social system, where male and female are taught interdependency and respect for the other. The world is always changing. Our human nature has to be guided intellectually, so that basic instincts do not make one an animal. The child’s brain grows from 2.5 to 15 years and during this duration, he should be able to analyze every action. After maturing enough, his basic religion must be, ‘Helping others before Self, if capable’, although “self help is the best help”. A child can be selfish, if he stays alone. But in a society, this self-centered person is Egotistic. Sadistic nature is when he finds happiness in troubling others or gets things at short notice and for a short period, by foregoing others’ goals, due to cut-throat competition. The younger child, who tries to grab every opportunity for enjoying love of parents (attention/pampered), has to be taught charity (as it begins at home) by making him distribute things brought at home and then have for self. This etiquette is stressed more on the female child, as she goes to set home with another family in future.  The male child grows into an angry, narcissistic and dominative citizen. Rather to be social, one has to be Selfless.

Family Begins

The home is a hard working place and remuneration is in Kind. The mother (Home minister, Better-half) helps in economy of the family by minimizing hotel bills, baby nursery and sometimes maids. Even considering physical condition, the mother is best friend of a girl-child. As mentioned before, the boy-child grows out-of-bound without family guidance or peers’ wrong advice. During the age of 9 and 15 (adolescents), usually the child debates and revolts against set norms of society. Many can cope with stress but some go overboard by joining faulty company or become introvert and lonely. The family must discuss daily incidence after supper time with news on sexual abuse, violence, spiritual miracles and philosophy. This can help in subsiding these tendencies. The parents, mainly mother, is more friendly with male child and can expose reality to become more powerful in controlling the child’s mind than his outdoor friends. The topic on sex can be started with male child after he has studied parts of anatomy like stomach & digestion, heart & blood circulation and reproductive system in plants. All these can be related with sexual problems considering disturbance in studies due to physical diversion. The importance of social norms and career goals along with importance of ‘marriage as an institution’ should continue till pre-marital counselling in college and work field. The education system must also include Philosophy and Psychology from secondary class.

As our bodily senses incite the basic instincts, we have to drive intellect into creating a God-man (Spiritual-Social-Scientific Life). The social conditions must be in touch, so that every festival connected to our climate and nature, has to be celebrated decently along with all. Spiritually we have to be Desire-less. Our sensuous diverted Mind (starting from food after Birth) can be regulated with thoughts of Game and God. The faith and belief has to be made strong with examples from life of Saints … abundant in Indian atmosphere. Stress on giving respect to teachers (loving teachers) … mainly mother, whose contribution will keep us in debt till death. Similarly are other mothers like Earth, Nature and Country. We continuously use up resources and rarely contribute back…. only then Environment will be like a loving mother and reciprocate bypassing Global-warming.

The spiritual philosophy and logically understanding the Unknown will help the future generation to know the importance of Soul and next life. Spiritually the child as a soul takes birth in a family on the beading of the GODly system. The child has come through us but he is not ours. We are only the caretaker and duty bound to bring up the child nicely in the society, as the best citizen, being our best karma. The best Karma and ‘Cause & Effect’ theory can help during distress and loneliness to avoid rampant suicide and homicide (violence). Share and care can be the base with an empathic stance towards a nice social life. The family has to discuss the day’s action and seek solution and act, after supper by each member. An outing together with friends, going to a movie, if possible every week, keeps the social structure bound together making it lively and positive. The family becomes a well-knit one.

Each family makes a nation, avoiding negative, corrupt, short-goal, selfish and egoistic society. Let us lead ourselves towards beautiful ‘Satvic Yug’ with Laxmi-Narayan in every soul.

Grown-up children in the Society

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  1. saptarshi Says:

    Very interesting to read… but talks about too many things at once

    Family values do design social structure.
    But there is a social “meso” which is different from the family (micro) values. As a culture, we are taught to love our family, neighbors, country-men differently than what we percieve “others”. Thus, we are taught to treat what’s ours different from what’s others…


    Good to read. A woman is the creator and further she can mould the child as she desires but the role of a father is important too.

  3. MONI Says:

    1)Dear Saptarshi, The topic is a vast one telling of life-time with many biography and autobiography. Tx it looked interesting. The geography of the place results into Culture and over-rides our emotions, so we say our home and related things are Best. Yes, we do not realise that others Mother is also best as they are also loved exclusively. Ex.– we would not have different Islamic states if the faith and teachings were ditto.
    2)Dear Sanjeev, Father has to be an important figure as the humans psychological brain has to be balanced. The Male & Female actions working in tandem in an individual makes him successful. So we say their is GOD in us as Brahma-Saraswati, Vishnu-Laxmi, Shiv-Shakti, Yin-Yan. The mind at this moment conjoins as ‘Yog’ and we gain energy & success. All the topics by me is related. Tx for appreciating the article and it may require reading over-n-over again.

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