Spiritual-Social-Scientific Life

July 15th, 2010 by swapan

This life is based alternately as Unknown-Worldly-Reasonable. Let’s share views where debate abounds from time immemorable, without giving away to Abuse & Violence.

An example, (myself visiting USA): ‘I meet an Indian at a market and ask him, “Are you from India?” Replies, “No, from Pakistan, but my wife is from India”. Oh! I say, “I am from Mumbai”. He replies “How nice, she is also from Mumbai”. I ask, “Where in Mumbai?” He says, “She stays in MALAD and I have visited them many times”. I say, “Well we could meet and talk a lot as I am also from MALAD!” This incidence shows, we get closer and interact amicably when we have similarity between us. “Birds of the Same feather flock together” is well known. Thus discussion can be a nice Social set up when we talk of Spirituality and Science.

Social condition bridges the Spiritual and Scientific understanding. We can now define each. Religion is a social setup where spiritual philosophy is a part and we try to prove some of the situations scientifically based in a particular Culture. So religion (worldly) developed politically during a certain Period at a certain Place due to an important Person. Most of the ancient preaching by realised persons had no written text. Those illustrious poetic words were memorised in a set tune. This could be interpreted variously, so leaders misrepresented to suit their own selfish ends. Many great philosophical thinkers did not get political support and so did not develop into a cult. Those which developed into Religion were due to the kings’ clout and sometimes spread by force. Most of the intelligentsia who could not experiment in their own country, travelled where peace existed. So history tells that India was a place where philosophy developed through research in ‘Gurukul’ (residential schools) run by Saints. Here bountiful nature and hospitable people helped these intellectuals to think further and experiment without worrying for the physical condition. So Yoga and six philosophical ideas came into existence. Here, body was a part of Science to be experimented till death was defied. Thus an understanding of Life-n-After (Spiritual) was defined till existence of Soul and its constituents were made known to all. Then body and its control by the senses were to be regulated. Here the leader (guru) who guides the students had to control Ego and Desire, or else the system could be overruled by lineage and will be taken over by the pampered son. This has been the case in our society. The unknown (sprit) had to be connected with existence and its laws of Life. The ‘Cause and Effect’ theory and law of Karma (deed) was created into philosophical rules as ‘Upanishad’. Life and living was studied and public counselled to change accordingly. The story of ‘Valmiki’ was known as a great saint, after he was transformed from a looting and murderous outlaw (dacoit).

The social arrangement which connected our Body with the surrounding had to be ruled by an Intellectual mind. These humans had to be studied and defined. ‘Vedanta’ as the sixth ancient philosophy analyses in details stating, “We live by Choice and not by Chance”. Humans are looked upon as five types, based upon the relation with the surroundings:

1) Stone-man is one who lives depending on others and is totally self-centred.
2) Tree-man grows by sharing with closely attached who help themselves.
3) Animal-man is ruthlessly attached to same species (family) only.
4) Human are emotionally bound, reasonably defends rights with laws, not instincts.
5) God-man remains detached, desiring little for survival by serving others.
Humans are animals but Intelligent-animal, Social-animal and Rational-animal. Lastly God-man is elevated kind of selfless personality, always desiring realisation by trying to know the unknown logically through this body. We have to strive for this in Spirituality.

Also another form of analysing takes place by differentiating ‘Self’ and ‘World’. At every moment there is interaction between these two, where ‘My’ denotes World and ‘Me’ denotes Self when we ask “Is it my …….?” Answer ‘yes’ will denote world. If not then it is me = self. We find that even our Name belongs to the world. The world is developed by Scientists, Economists, Politician, teachers of today who go to build desire and motivate for worldly gains. But Self is developed my Saints (God-man). We have noticed that most of the projects have short life. The world is continuously changing and selfish short goal desires serve only the economic conditions. But, if the Self is developed before the World, then the projects can be lasting. The self and selfless serving acts are nearer to the Truth, which is everlasting. The everlasting things in the spirit system are the Soul and GOD.

We have related the Social and Scientific terms and seen how spirit is connected to the social set up. Now, how does the logic in Society relate to Science considering the Spirituality? The unknown is always seen as the image of the known. The self is considered as the shadow of the world. So the attributes of GOD is taken as the equivalent to modern definition of Energy. GOD is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent growing positive Energy, which can reduce due to our deeds (Karma) into the crashing negative energy (the devil).

Yes, if the Self is not properly trained by the society, then the world will slowly and steadily increase into negative energy (Global warming). Short sighted desires will finish this beautiful world as we have lost quite a lot of things which we see now in the Museums.



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  1. jashodhara Says:

    Spirituality is very important to become a real human-being. Training of SELF is very essential. The world is also very important. If we don’t develop the world, we may not progress. But balancing both-(i.e self and the world)is more important. Childhood is the right time for nurturing both.

  2. rkbaljit Says:

    very well said about Spiritual-Social-Scientific Life. very good thinking and appreciate it.

  3. jashodhara Says:

    Thank you for the comment

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