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June 28th, 2010 by swapan

The month of ‘Shraavan’ (monsoon) is filled with Religious fervour. GOD is remembered as ‘Ganesh Utsav’ by Hindu, as ‘Pradushan’ by Jain, as ‘Ramzan’, by Muslim ….
This season plays upon the Mind of people and we try to keep ourselves Happy. The Body now has to act positively and indirectly keep the Mind blissful conforming to nature. The season activates the growth in the Nature by flowering of plants and sex in animals.
Our Body & Mind are inter-related. We wish to rest, when our body is painful and mind is stressful. The mind is more powerful than the body, as our Body does not act if Mind does not command. Body is limited, as we can hit as far as we can see and aim. But the Mind does it wherever and whenever required. The Body is also limited to one birth, but mind can make it immortal.
Food for the Body is what we eat, but the Mind’s food is Meditation. This food can be eaten raw from the tree or after cooking and then in a plate. The process depends upon the persons taste, condition (outer) and suitability (inner). How and what we eat is expressed through our Mind. Meditation (worship) can also be without or with a Form (Idol, Process). We cook and eat along with our relations in a society or in a forest (ashram) along with friends or alone.
The Mind is studied indirectly by psychologists through behaviour (action) of Body. This powerful part of Human was studied by the help of ‘EEG’ machine. To prove something as Scientific, we need physical experiments. Our senses perceive to prove and fulfill as Logic & Statistics are lesser part of science. Science is based on data collected and reasoned out (analyzed). Also result has to be repetitive. So logic is Developing science, still to be thorough.
Then ‘How does Yogic feat defy science!’ Certain results were recorded during a test on Yogi under condition by an EEG machine. The data analyzed in a graphic scale of 0 to 22 ranges gave some understanding of the behaviour. In the range of 0 to 4 it is deep sleep to dreamy state. From 4 to 7 the person is calm and steady but awake. This is Meditative state. From 7 to 22, the condition grows to turbulent, agitated and disordered state. Here one is expending energy in this state. So the gaining of energy is in the Meditative state. By practice one can connect own Inner energy with the vast Outer energy. This particular point between 4 and 7 called ‘Dhyaan’ and ‘Samadhi’ is when ‘Yog’ (joining) takes place. This is when the heart beat reduces below 72 per minute and energy gets stored in us.
The Body encases a part of Mind called Soul/Spirit. The encapsulated Energy called soul carries impressions (Sanskaar) as result of deeds (Karma) done by the Body & Mind. The Soul increases to a state of higher Level till infinity. The basic constituents of soul are Freedom, Peace and Bliss, as our self always tends towards this goal. A part of soul, which carries the impressions of deeds reflect in our attitude as result/reason for being in a particular state. This is based on ‘Cause & Effect’ system. The experience being the best teacher, establishes an Attitude through character building in steps. Adversity/Problems keep changing our aptitude by Revealing->outburst of Emotion->Hardening->Egotistic->lost Self->Softens & Wisdom over-rules->Experiment with truth->Results & Reason->changes Attitude->new Character. This could take several births as the Soul keeps changing dress (Body) by law of system (GOD).
Our Intellect which is part of Mind controls the bodily Senses. This is realised during Meditative state. The achievement comes through THREE Main stages of ‘Yog’… ‘Karma’, ‘Bhakti’ and ‘Gyaan’. ‘Karma Yog’ (action/Hand) contains daily chores where mind agrees that it is not the Doer (service being the motive). This includes Hatayog, Tratak, Tantric rituals (process) with Humbleness. The Tamasic/workaholic Guna (attitude) is more prominent. The process leads to ‘Bhakti Yog’(emotion/Heart), when connected to family/society. Here stress is on GOD’s name with ‘Mantra’ (chant), ‘Tantra’ (process) and ‘Yantra’ (instrument of ritual) help in concentration as good/right Karma. The ‘Rajasic Guna’ is foremost here seeking to lead (even as donations). Then ‘Gyaan Yog’ (intellect/Head) creeps in with reasons and text analytically. Here analysis of every action turns into Philosophy of Life (Upanishads). The ‘Saatvic Guna’ is outstanding here. Guru (teacher) is playing important role in this (although helps in all types Yog). The Serving attitude is seen more in ‘Karma Yog’. The humbleness is reduced if designated a leader. Superstitious nature is seen in ‘Bhakti Yog’. Ego increases in ‘Gyaan Yog’. Ego being the reason for our rebirth plays a truant part and so humbleness can vanish into Desire. The simultaneous practice of these Yog makes a complete human, termed as ‘Raja Yog’. The ‘Saatvic’ conditions set in to impose upon the attitude.
Finally ‘Raj Yog’ can bring into a certain point in the Meditative state. Thus these processes of Yog together lead us towards ‘Uparati’ (detachment). More practice creates ‘Dhaarnaa’ (steadily desireless) when we lose emotional interest in our beloved relations. This help in attaining ‘Dhyaan’ state, when we are engrossed in Meditation remaining aloof from the wants of the society. The desires are cremated (burnt) and we are transformed (reborn) into a new life. The state of ‘Dhyaana’ can be as a sudden calmness after climaxing into a tempo as crescendos called ‘Uthsav’. The last state of ‘Samaadhi’ touches us and we are not aware of our Body.
The Mind now is so powerful that the soul can be transferred to a different plane. This Mind can also rule the Body to make it immortal. The supernatural Human is now called ‘God-man’ superior to other state (from stone-man, plant-man, animal-man and human) considering the relation with others in the society. God-man state is many a time misconstrued as non-loving person by layman. Now path leads towards salvation……
The self-realisation takes place, but stages of ‘Siddhi’ (attainment- come as obstacle to create desire and ego in us. Unless these stages are surpassed, we cannot attain ‘Trinetra’ attitude perpetually, which is also a Siddhi. The state makes us see the Past and Future. Transferring soul and Rebirth at-our-wish is finally achieved named ‘Moksha’.

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  1. jashodhara Says:

    Human being can’t perform all the YOG( Bhakti yog ,Gyan Yog etc)together. If he can do them together he’ll be a realized person. Everyone is born with some natural abilities. Acc. to that ability he has to perform YOG even.

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