Hope, the Life

May 16th, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

God is Truth. God is present everywhere. God is all pervading power who governs this universe and keeps in perfect order. God (THAT) sends every human-being in this world for some purpose. God does not have a body to perform all work, so THAT does everything through different bodies.
When a child is born in a family, parent forget everything about God and start taking care of it as their own. They take care of it and try to give all the comforts according to their capacity. When the child becomes of school going age, parents start dreaming for it. They think of its well being. They unconsciously put the seed of their choice and they want their inner wishes to be fulfilled. They plan their child to become a doctor, engineer. Officer, big businessman etc and shine it like a star. They give all the facility to their child and feel happy. They absolutely forget THAT’S plan.
When the child reaches its school final, parents hope get shattered, when it could not perform according to their wishes. Few days, they are disappointed and hope to get better in future. They start dreaming again for the next opportunity. Those processes go on and on. At last the child become an adult and gets everything according to its capacity and luck. Still, parents never lose their hopes and wait for the future.
This way life continues and hope grows. One day when parents die, the child’s life is fulfilled with what parents wanted. The child feels unhappy that its parents could not see its progress.
Hope is the life and it gives light to life. Hope keeps the person alive for a longer time. Human –being forgets THAT’s WILL and hopes for fulfilling its wishes.
Never to forget as Without God’s wishes no leaves stir, no birds fly, no sun shines, no cloud forms, no life appears, no death occurs. Then why an ignorant human-being does not understand the repercussion of HOPE and make him an unhappy being. God realisation can bring the person closer to Reality i.e. presence of God.

Song of Hope:

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