Life’s Power to Choose

March 16th, 2010 by saptarshi

We are born… and then one day we die. Isn’t that what we call life?? In this life we make choices and everything we do, consciously or unconsciously is a choice. The feeling of being the “do-er” of actions has been referred to as “ahem” or “ego”, and understanding the choices of action is what I refer to as “consciousness”. The more conscious we are, the more “awake” and with the awakening comes “singularity”, elsewhere referred to “bliss”, “peace” or “happiness”. The last few nouns are not antonyms of “misery”, “war” or “sadness” respectively, but just non-existence of all those opposites.

All through life, we have been accustomed to this sense of opposites through our senses. Thus language, thoughts, actions are all measured through opposites. If you are not happy, you are considered sad. If not successful considered failure. If not content means you are discontent. Actions, thoughts and life itself is not just “the way it is”, it is always “either-or” of these opposites. This write-up is to explain that it is we who choose life’s opposites and look at life through this lens of duality. I try to put reality in a perspective where we make choices between dualities and hence choose what we should-be or want to be in life.

When I first heard the phrase “You Live by Choice, Not by Chance”, it sounded in all glory that I was the “do-er” and I decide what happens in my life. I felt that if I choose to do “X”, I know I can get “Y”. So, I can predict all the consequences of all the actions which I chose to perform. Most people who believe they are the “do-er” believe so.  But what that cannot answer is why are there so many situations in life where we don’t know why something happened? Why do we become dejected that something that I expected to happen did not happen?? And that’s when we call ourselves a failure, because we only see duality.

We have something called intellect through which we make choices. Choices to not just do things, but more importantly to chose the consequences. Choice to look at the consequence through duality of success and failure or just look at it as an event. This choice in essence determines our actions, emotions and define our “being”. These choices design the path of our life, not through actions themselves, but how we choose to look at the consequence. Below is an interesting take of choices in life through the lens of NICK VUJICIC‘s life as an inspiration.

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  1. Namrata Says:


    Thanks for sharing this.

    I completely agree many people only see duality. Which make them unhappy, as they think if they do not get success means they are getting failure and according to me it is wrong. we decide what happens in our life so we should not regret it or take is as good or bad.

    This video gives gr8 inspiration. I loved it.

  2. Jashodhara p Says:

    This is the correct thing, but when we are born in this world we forget choices and want everything. This is the cause of our sufferings. If we would have understood, we will not be on this earth but somewhere else. With that video we can learn,Though he does not have legs or hand yet he has his brain to do the correct choices.

  3. Swapan Says:

    A motivating play of video to reason out that choice is the way we could.
    We live by choice, which is limited to our surrounding way of Life. We pray for that chance which we experienced as 2 sides of a Coin.
    The next chance is due to our deeds(Karma)and goal set is for salvation(Moksh). Result is important for the Worldly, but Karma is for Moksha. “Maa Phaleshu Kadaachinah” ___ GITA.
    The Best choice is Yog for the third eye(Realisation) where nothing will be to Chance.

  4. Brajesh Says:

    I think Photon is the best example of duel behavior since it has both ie. particle nature and wave character and this word “duality” is the main reason that it can occupy maximum speed in this universe, i think we should not stick and bound our self with this beautiful word “duality” in a view of two dimensional world of success and failure, rather we should try to go beyond of that and respect this word “duality” because this is the main reason that we can see this beautiful world even in dark room in the form of light. But some times it becames cause of unstability. We should always follow and respect uniformity and equilibrium with all.

  5. Sanjeev Sharma Says:

    Our life if like that of a farmer. We germinate 100 seeds and get only few plants, out of those only brave one survive. We cannot expect every action of ours to give results.
    So we must keep on working hard and become lucky.
    Being happy and sad depends on out attutude.
    Being positive in all circumtances works well.

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