The Meaning of Love

February 23rd, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

There are many meanings of the word love in the dictionary. Many people say that love cannot be defined and some say there is no love in this universe. Love is affection. When the word affection comes to our mind, it gives the impression of motherly love to their young ones. Another meaning is fondness. It means the liking of some material objects. Some say it’s kindness. Through kindness, love diminishes because of dependency. Another meaning is caring—if love is only caring, then out of sight! Is it so?
The word Love is misinterpreted by the word attachment. Attachment is the most powerful weapon of binding. The first attachment starts with the physical body. Then all other attachments crop up. Attachment can be compared with a strong glue that affixes the mind and misinterpretation starts with love. Attachment grows when there is a pleasure. Whenever there is attachment, there is infatuated love and fear. Attachment brings misery and love cannot bring misery to life as love is bliss.
Then the question comes, what love is. Love is eternal life. Love is freedom, independence, and perfection. Love is trust. In every relation, the meaning is the same. The mother wants her child to grow according to her choice or her family’s choice. Is it then love? That means the mother wants the child to be her asset. The husband says that he loves his wife the most and protects her every moment. He does all the work and does not allow his wife to do anything. Do you think that it’s Love? He is indirectly making his wife dependent on him. Imagine if he dies or is transferred to another place, what will his wife do then? Is it Love then? She will be in soup for these days. Inversely same with the love shown by his wife who makes him incompetent when she is away. If parents want their child to study what they want, whether the child loves to do it or not, then in later life will he be successful or happy? If happiness disappears from life, it is not eternal life. If there is independence and freedom in any relationship it grows in a healthy way. Some mothers do not allow their sons to go abroad or any other place for a better job. They do not allow the son to buy a new house for his family which means there is no freedom of mind. Is this the Love then? That means the mother is taking the son’s freedom away and then mental miseries begin. Love lifts the person to the height of success. Inner talent flourishes when Teachers trust the students.
There are many examples of real love in this world. Love is giving independence and freedom to the individual. Then the person will live to the fullest. Love is giving freedom to think independently by trusting wholeheartedly.

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  1. MONI Says:

    LOVE as freedom, peace and bliss is Eternal Soulful love.
    The other person/thing has to be understood by previous experience and knowledge. The talent comes out by making the person think where questions put forth shows the way. This guidance is proper love as it helps in Growth.

  2. Saptarshi Says:

    Agree completely that Love is Faith… Isn’t that why we say love for God as Faith in God??

  3. Sanjeev Sharma Says:

    Love should inspire motivate one to work hard. Love is unconditional, love is just giving expecting back is not true love.
    Love gives strenght.
    Attachment is the reason we feel sorrow and regret.

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