February 13th, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Prakash, a forty years old man lives with his wife and daughter in a small town near Parvani. He has his own business, an electronic shop. His business does not grow very well, but he is satisfied with what he has and tells his wife, “we are three members only, this is enough.”His wife Ragini is always happy with the family affair. His daughter’s name is Aditi. She is twelve years old and studying in a good school in eight standard.
Prakash lives in a bungalow with a big land around it. He planted mango tree around the land. Every year he plants one mango tree and it grows well within a year. His friend Mr. Olekar asks him,’ Tell, What is the secret of your mango tree my friend!
He smiles and says,” it’s nothing, its only love”. “Love? What are you talking asks Mr. Olekar to his friend. Prakash describes how he plants his mango tree. He takes the seed, make a thirty feet hole, put cow dung and affectionately put his warm hand on the seed and put it on the hole. After that covers it with the mud around.
Two weeks later, two tender leaves shake and appear. He waits till they grow a little. From that day he loves the tree like a child. He bathes it with water, wipes it tender care. Then when it grows little taller, he puts in more soil at the side of the plant. Every day he takes care of it, he sings song near the tree. It shakes its leaves when it hears the song. He sprinkles water as if it’s taking a bath and its father is taking care of it. After that he digs some of the soil from the side and puts some fresh soil near it. Then the tree grows almost up to waist line within two years. His joy knows no bound. Looking at the growing tree, Prakash’s eyes fills with tears
With love anything is possible. My dear friend, even with little love and care a tree grows faster. Though tree is a selfless product, it doesn’t expect anything from anyone, but it also understands the meaning of love.
Love is a state of mind or a mental expression which is very near to bliss. Showering love to anyone or anything gives happiness which cannot be achieved by any other means. Love is what you give, not what you want. Prakash feels that love can change the life of living being in this universe.
This article is for Valentine Day as Love has no boundaries

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    Love motivates and inspires to do our best. See women caring for her family.
    Love is essential in life, even animals know love, why cant we as human being learn to love everyone and spread happiness.

    God job done, Just keep on enlightening people.
    Happy thought means good action.

  2. Namrata Says:

    I completely agree: Love is Unconditional. Love plays very important role in your life.

    Keep loving yourself as well as others.

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