Different Levels

February 6th, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Every human  in this universe is born at a certain level. In Spirituality, it is called three Gunas— Sattva, Raja and Tama i.e. Constituents or Disposition. Everything in life is bound and dominated by these Gunas. The life, the action, the progress now or after are determined by these Gunas. These Gunas are qualities or attributes in simple language. Whatever work, every human being is doing is dominated by these qualities.

Sometimes we don’t understand the life and action. We, ignorant human being, think that those who are poor may be suffering due to their Gunas. Those who are rich are enjoying their life with abundant wealth, may be for their Gunas. The question arises in the mind that if Gunas or the qualities of material nature are the level of life, then why rich or poor feel unhappy.

May be the true happiness lies in Renunciation. What is Renunciation ?  Renunciation is an act declaring, that something is surrendered or disowned. In simple language, we can say, leaving the worldly pleasure.

One such incident, I wish to write as it is a true event. Once my friend and myself were coming from our work place. Everyday we used to discuss something about spirituality. That day she asked me about happiness. I said, happiness is the state of mind. Happiness is born from the satisfaction of a thing or idea. It cannot be acquired from the material possession or material comforts. A rich man has all the comforts, but is he happy? There is a poetic stanza, “As much is given, is less for him “. Our argument was going on and on.  By the time the bus, came to a halt. The road was totally jammed. We saw  a sandwich seller selling sandwich. When he was making and throwing out the sides of the bread, a poor man under the blanket immediately  was collecting those sides of the bread. The poor man was in a sleeping position. We really wondered and looked each other amazingly.  I told her “this is happiness. The person does not bother whether it is dirty, whether anyone will notice him. He does not bother for his house or material life. He does not bother to have clothes”. We both got down from the bus and tried to see the man. The sandwich seller said that he lives here and does not bother even if he doesn’t get anything. He always smiles and sleeps. Since two years he is selling his sandwich, but never saw him angry at anything. We left the place and knew the meaning of Happiness. Some questions are not clear in the mind of my friend till today.

I believe that, as the time passes human-being perceive the real value of life without understanding the word Gunas or attributes of material nature. When the human-being understand there is no happiness in worldly pleasure, he will realise the different levels of Mankind.

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  1. Saptarshi Says:

    The power of renunciation doesn’t come very easily. May be it comes only when we have faith, knowledge and love…

  2. Jashodhara p Says:

    Its true,but we have to try for many birth to reach there.

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