February 1st, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Today the world has progressed through and through. Few years back students used to write an essay on ‘Are we happier than our forefather?’ May be that time it was true in many senses, but day by day that question doesn’t arise at all. The world is progressing in the field of technology in such a way that without that world stand still.

Though growth and development are abundant, problems are immense in the mind of the people. In this condition motivation is necessary. Motivation of students is a requirement of the present century.

Motivation is innate or inborn  behaviour or as acquired from the environment. It is a psychological or internal process initiated by some need or want. Some kind of activity  satisfies these needs or wants.

In every walk of life, motivation plays an indispensable role. Human being is guided by some forces or drives. Each and every activity has some or the other motive. The act of accomplishing demand is also dependent on motivation. It is said  that the motivation is the heart of learning. Adequate motivation results in promoting attention, interest and bring enthusiasm in pupil for better learning. Learning can not be completed without consistency, persistency and purpose.

Motivation is derived from the word ‘movere’ means to move. As per physics Work is done if a thing is moved or else any amount of Energy expended is useless. It is the process of stimulating, encouraging and directing pattern of activity through energy transformations within the cells of a being. It is done through praise, encouragement, love and trust. Motivation can be stressed by some incentives i.e. reward or punishment.

According to Lowell, “Motivation may be defined more formally as a psychological or internal process initiated by some need, which leads to the activity which will satisfy that need”

Who can be Motivated

The person who has some need or wants to satisfy himself can be Motivated easily. This need gives direction to the behavior to satisfy the person to achieve his goal. The following behaviour may be motivated :

1) Desirous: Some people are very much desirous to achieve something in life. They can be motivated easily.  They  may be ready to do the work in any situation.

2) Devotion: If a person is having ardent love for anything, he achieves it  at any cost. He makes variety of efforts to achieve his goal.

3) Attention: An object of thought is clear before the mind, if attention is towards the goal. The idea of making efforts is present in attention. Interest creates attention.

4) Perseverance: If the person is having steadiness in  his work, it is easier to achieve the goal. Through motivation they show the diligence in work.

5) More energetic: When the person is motivated, he becomes more energetic to do the work faster. E.g.  the child can be motivated by telling the story of Hanumaan, he does his work faster. Activeness through right Food. Body and Mind are related.

6) Discipline: Through motivation, a person can be disciplined e.g. understanding of the value of time-table, uniform, story of Army, Air force, etc. take the person close to his goal.

7) Determination: Motivation helps to determine the person’s crave to acquire his goal.  Determination can be brought by inducing reward.

8 ) Improvement of self image: Self respect is the step towards achieving goal. Motivation helps in improving the self image. ‘I am the Best’.Faith will move mountains”

9) Efficiency: Through proper motivation the person can be made more efficient. ‘Build-up Confidence’

10) Pleasure: The motivated person gets pleasure from success. ”Happiness is the most important thing in Life'”

‘Devotion, Determination and Discipline’ is the resolution of success.

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    Good article informative and educative. But these day self talk is very essential. When we write in writing what and how we have to achieve something great things are done.
    Motivational lectures have small time memory. Constant motivation is essential to with time to time communication.

    Motivational lectures with pychological assistance can be a great help for school.

    Keep the good work going.


    Thanks mam for ur continuous help and support even after leaving the institution. your notes will definately help us. sheetal mehta. N.M.F.C. ROLL NO. 43

  3. MONI Says:

    A leader motivates from the front line. His followers go in his footsteps. Some one, to be motivated has to inculcate in his system as Attitude, he has to stay with his Guru. So, best is residential training.
    The ten points so true, is then digested by the follower and it becomes his Life-line.
    Is it negatively ‘Brain-washed’?

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