When I left my job

January 13th, 2010 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

After 21 years of teaching service when I decided to leave my job, I was very happy as I thought God may have wanted me to do something else. I always believe God whole-heartedly as His calculation is never wrong. He puts you in proper place, wherever you are to be fitted.

When I was in school and college, I never liked teaching profession and wanted to become a doctor. After passing my 10th ,I opted for science, but in 11th std I found that I was very poor in physics. I could not continue science .In graduation,I took Economics honours. Then I got a chance to do my post graduation . But somehow God wished me to do my B.Ed . I completed B.Ed and got married. My father-in law wanted me to do my M .Ed.

When my children become little grown up I started my teaching . That time also I did not realize,why God  wanted me to go there. I thought may be by chance I’m here in this profession.

When I was doing my counseling course, I realized, when one of the teachers asked a question”Did you any time change the life of a child?” Yes I’ve. I answered.The child’s parents were uneducated ,poor and didn’t know how to control the child from unwanted activities. With love and care I may have brought some changes in him. That was my reward.

When I joined in college , through that skill of counseling, I motivated, consoled many students. They are still in my contact. Now I know that God never be wrong as He is the best Planner.

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  1. radhika kadam Says:

    Respected Jashodhara Madam,

    Namaste mam.

    Radhika Kadam your B.E.d student of Nirmala college.
    Batch 2009 -2010.

    Thank you .

  2. MONI Says:

    Our Life is like a Boat with the sail in the hands of the Planner/Director/Programmer. We propose and GOD executes. We have many cases of well-known persons like some who have taken up Acting as a career after having doctors degree! Still we are sensibly in our Real life and plan for our Future. Why not! As the Intellect is developed by the same GOD and will feel bad if we do not use it. That’s Being human although instinct forces us otherwise. We by our good understanding (like you presented in the article) must be prepared for all and be happy like the Computer Game.

  3. poonam panday Says:

    Hello Ma’am
    this was really toching as i find my story in this . sometimes, i feel that thing should be left on god.what ever he decides,what ever way he shows iswhat is best for us.god takes all the pains himself but sometimes misses one by chance and hurts us and we feel that god is not helping us but look behind and he is always there with open arms


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