Divine Relationship

October 28th, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

During Vedic period, teacher was regarded  as Guru and teacher’s wife as Guru Maa (mother). Guru is the person who shows the path to improve in life. Guru is given the place of ( Brahma, Vishnu & Maheshwara ) God. So it was the purest relationship on earth. One can imagine how much responsibility the person should have to become a Guru. He had to control his vices. Guru in those days, used to teach the disciple to become a complete man.

When man started progressing slowly, school and college were established and teachers were appointed. Students bow their head, heart and soul to the teacher. They fully surrender themselves to the teaching community. They treat them as their parents in the schools or colleges.  Small children believe their teacher more than their mother in many contexts.

Parents protect their children. They save them from unwanted events. They protect them from devil’s hand. They want their offspring to grow and blossom like flower. Everyone recognizes the beauty, fragrance and service of the flowers. Parents want their offspring to flourish like flower and spread the fragrance everywhere.

When a teacher does not play the role of Parent and indulge in immoral, corrupt, devil like behaviour, the Society will go to hell. Students fearlessly surrender to the Teacher and the teacher in turn build up their character. The biggest sin is committed when this Trust is broken.

Small children learn Social values, Moral values, Humanity, Brotherhood, etc. in school and colleges. They apply everything they learnt in school later in their life as they grasp from 2.5 years to 15 years the most.

At the end, why people choose this profession. Now-a-days it has become easy to take up this profession when no other course is possible. They did not have the talent to grasp those values which right education can give. While selecting Teachers in Schools and Colleges, spiritual, emotional and moral quotient has to be given importance.  Questionnaire should be set to evaluate. If they can’t keep the value of relationship, it is not correct to be in this noble profession. Divinity should not be affected by unwanted act.

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    Very true teacher and parents set the foundation for a man. As such teacher are doing an excellent job. Time to make teacher job more rewarding.

    I would love if the Teachers are awarded and appreciated more.

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