Educational Implication of Imagination

October 9th, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Teacher is the backbone of education. It is the duty of a teacher to encourage the student to create something new and appreciate. If it is so, an innovative character is created.

Following are the educational implication of Imagination.

1)      Various types of imagination—creative, pragmatic, aesthetic and fantastic are helpful for intellectual growth and self development. These help to form the ideas and accordingly the ambition can be fulfilled.

2)      Education should aim at healthy form of imagination and avoid their growth into harmful channels.

3)       Learning by doing helps to develops pragmatic imagination. Clay modelling, practical work, project work, painting should be encouraged. Doing itself is a kind of thinking and gives the children the higher imaginative thought.

4)      The teacher should encourage the story telling, story competition and explanation of ideas.

5)       Outline should be given for essay writing as this stimulates the imagination of the children. Such exercises encourage creative imagination in the form of aesthetic, pragmatic and fantastic.

6)      History should be taught by telling the stories, using the map. Pictures etc. It will enable them to imagine the different places and time.

7)      Geography should be taught with the help of map, so that the children can imagine the people, climate, different kinds of food, etc.

8)      Aesthetic imagination can be developed by giving the opportunities to pupil to appreciate a poem. To paint picture and to compose a poem.

9)      Dramatization, picture composition, computer graphics, etc. enhance reproductive or creative imagination.

10)  Teacher should provide variety of opportunities for role play as this helps to develop their imagination.

11)  In maths, pupil may be encouraged and asked to frame problems, while in science, scientific problem may be encouraged. This will enable them to imagine in a fruitful manner.

12)  Teacher should begin with reproductive imagination. In the beginning, they will learn to reproduce accurately; later on this will help to produce a creative work.

Imagination has given the world, a Poet, Scientist, Explorer, Painter, etc.

This is a Creative Adventure.

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