How to improve memory

September 28th, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Learning occupies a very important place in one’s life. Whatever is learned needs to be somehow stored in mind, so that it can be utilized whenever required in future.

There are many ways where we can improve our memory. We will discuss these in proper manner.

1) Will to learn :There must be firm determination or strong will to learn effectively and successfully. Where there is will there is way.

2) Develop interest :Interest and attention are essential for useful learning and memorization.Attention and interest are the two sides of a coin.

3) Adopting proper methods : There are several effective methods of memorization, but all are not suitable on all occasion and for all individuals. Therefore, proper selection should be made in choosing a particular method in a given situation.

4) Following the principles of association: It is always good to follow the principles of association in learning. A thing never be learnt in an isolated manner. e.g When we sing our national anthem we associate with Rabindranath  Tagore.

5) Grouping and rhythm : Grouping and rhythm facilitate learning and help in remembering the fact. e.g the telephone number 567345234 can be remembered  and recalled if make in group as567, 345, 234. Rhythm also proves to be  an aid in learning and memorizing e.g multiplication table by reciting. ( Sixteen five’s are eighty etc )

6) Arranging better learning situation : Environmental factors also affect the learning process and due care should be taken to arrange favourable situation. A calm and quiet atmosphere stimulate an effective learning.e.g good family situation .

7) Learner’s internal factors : Besides the various external factors, there are things within the learner which affect learning and capacity to recall. It depends on the I.Q ( Intelligent Quotient) of a person.

8) Proper rest :Rest and sleep are required for relieving fatigue and monotony. Sleeps makes the man fresh.

9) Repetition and practice : Repetition and continuous practice adds to effectiveness of memorization. Drill work, practice and review are the process of memorization and learning. e.g after repeating the tables for several times.

10) Utilizing as many as senses : Senses are the gateway of knowledge .  Things can be better learned and remembered, if presented through more than one sense.e.g audio- visual aids.

11) SQ4R technique : Thomas and Robinson developed this strategy for effective learning and memorization . Sequence steps are survey, questions, read, reflect, recite or recall and review.

12) Learning by doing: As it is said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand “. If it done  by the learner, it retains for a longer time.

13) Motivation : If the person is motivated by rewards , he remembers better.

Practice may be the first learning, but it may be remembered for a short period of time , so teacher has to choose a proper method for remembering for a long time.

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