July 31st, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

One day when I was reading a book of swami Sivananda published by A divine society, a question came to my mind that why people are depressed.

Swamiji has described depression as an infectious disease. The man who is not satisfied with what he has, he is always depressed. That means the desire is the root cause of depression. Nowadays in this technological world, everyone wants all the comforts. When the desire is not fulfilled he is depressed . The period of sleepless night begins. In an educational field , the criterion is to clear some examination or get the M.Phil or Ph.d degree. The person who can not clear all these criteria becomes depressed. The person may be efficient in his work, but may not have cleared all the criteria which is required for his promotion, he will suffer from depression.  It has been noticed that so many students are depressed due to overload of work. They cannot face the competitive world. Some students dropout in the middle or commit suicide due to pressure from the parents or from the school.

Then we have to think, what are the reasons of all these displeasure that  lead to depression? If we want to eradicate the disease Depression, we have to follow certain spiritual trends—–

1) Draw a line to limit desire.

2) Analyze your capacity.

3) Do not compare yourself with others.

4) Learn to face the the society as society is not giving you everything.

5) Learn to say  No.

6) Competition with yourself, not with others.

7) Believe in your Karma and retrospect to your own evil deeds

8 ) Do not brood on the past

9) Jealousy is the root cause of depression. If it comes to the mind remove it by saying to yourself that the other person must have done SEWA (Service to others).

10) Judge yourself ,not others.

11) Learn to evaluate ownself .

12) Do not think too much of others. Better think Who Am I ?

To remove depression from the mind, always remain cheerful, contented, delightful and revenge-less.


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  1. Saptarshi Says:

    Karma or Law of Causation could always be attributed to what you get in life… but it still brings some form of stress and depression in the human mind because our mind tries to analyze and find reasons for failure more easily than success.

    Which is why Lord Krishna says that Bhakti Yog can relieve stress. Just believe that God can never do wrong and that you get what you deserve. All depression just goes right away!!

  2. Sanjeev Sharma Says:

    Great subject.

    OUT PUT = INPUT this does not happen. Then additional dream and desire without proper efforts, pressure of peers and parents.

    A must read article

  3. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

    After a long time, I’ve read the article again. Though controlling of desire in young age is difficult but once you understand the philosophy of Karma then controlling would be easy. Less desire,means less stress and depression.

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