Talking to God

July 12th, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

God is so nearer to us. If we feel Him , we can talk to Him. We can ask question, get the proper answer from Him.

That day, I had a pain at the back of my head. Two glands at the back had swollen . I started surfing at the internet and found many answers to my pain. But while sleeping I called Him and asked to sit near me. I asked Him to take me at His place. I told Him” I will be very happy if you take me to your Home. Next sentence I uttered, “either take away my pain or take me to your place.” I do not know when I went to sleep.

Next morning when I woke up I thanked Him a lot as there was no pain at the back.

So I realised that every one can talk to Him like Mother, Father, or any other elders. When we have any type of pain in the body we call our Parents to sit near us. Same way if will call GOD as our parents, He listens, comes and helps us.

Some people tell that GOD is with us. YES ! He is always with us. We sometimes can’t call Him at the right time, at the right way and at the right place.

Once Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa advised his disciple Vivekananda to call GOD so that his fever vanishes. Vivekananda lying on the bed tried calling Godess Kali and said to his guru that nothing was happening. Then Ramakrishna told Vivekananda to call more intensely and so did Vivekananda until he started crying. The fever vanished.

From my experience, I feel we can call Him in the following way:

  1. Call Him whole heartedly
  2. Extremely solicitous.
  3. Call Him as your Father or Mother.
  4. Call Him as a dearest one.
  5. Think that He is the only one who can do any thing earnestly.

Crying is the basic emotion from the first day of our infancy which attracts Atma and Parmatma and relieves our pain.

GODs Creation

GOD's Creation

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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    GOD’s name “japa” is a breathing technic where ‘Prana’ flow is regularlated and helps.

  2. BL Tween Says:

    Yes He is real! It is like He is both a mother and a father. After all He made us in His image, as we are both male and female. I believe He has both those qualities. It is unfortunate that we humans wanted and got our independence and then when we do what we want we get mad at God?!?!? I know He is REAL! He is a real God in a Real world and He really helps us! He is a gentleman and will not force any of us to do anything. I do not believe God is sending anyone to Hades. We are all going to there, but, we don’t have to. God is asking us to come to Him. He will not force His will on us. He will not MAKE US do anything. However He will let us do what we want no matter what. No matter if we want to go to Hades. He will let us.

    I encourage everyone to take the God is Real Experiment and find out for themselves that God is Real!

    I enjoyed your testimony! Many Blessings. BL

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