Existence of God

April 11th, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

It is difficult to imagine what we have not seen. No one has seen God in this world yet. So it is difficult to imagine God.

We imagine God as our mother, father or friend etc. Whatever way  we  like to see Him. We imagine devil or evil as big head, dark complexion etc because from our childhood it has been portrayed and feared in this manner. When we imagine alien from other planet, we imagine them as we have seen them in movies.

The person who first created devil, alien, God etc in his mind and created them in our mind for us to believe in that manner.

Always my mind asks, who is God? If god is not a figure then what he is. Why are we addressing him as He?  If he does not have a figure or body, then why are we addressing masculine gender?

Many people researched and said that He is Paramatma ( soul of souls). Human being has a soul, which can be felt  by its performance. The soul exists in human body. Then where does Paramatma live? How does He perform  his duties? Example can be taken as electricity, where we see that electricity begins from a particular point and ends with the light in the bulb. When air blows we see the leaves stir. Where is He then?

Everyone in this world imagine according to their capacity. Many believe that there are five Dham   (Place) where souls live. They are — Swagolok (Heaven), Vaikunthalok, Paralok, Tapalok, Shivalok. Who decides where the the soul has to live? Is it the soul itself who decide where it has to go according to its action or reaction?

That is why, it is my only wish to see God in his actual form.

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