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April 3rd, 2009 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

As election is closer, everyone has a doubt in their mind, who to vote. First of all,we should  know the meaning of vote.

Vote is the expression by which we express our choice. Vote is necessary in a democratic system. But if we keep the following points in our mind while expressing ourselves,we may not choose the  wrong path or may not feel unhappy.

  1. Vote a person of a good character, who believes in Truth ( does not mean that he never  lies , Truth means e.g the sun rises in the east i.e the fact )
  2. Vote a person, who has empathy not the sympathy.
  3. Vote a person who is really an Indian. (In body, mind & soul )
  4. Vote a person who is having foresight.
  5. Vote a person who believes in spirituality and thorough about politics.
  6. Vote a person who is a philosopher and  a real educator.
  7. Be analytic to judge the cunning behind a sweet smile.
  8. Vote a person who thinks for mass not for his\her family only.
  9. Vote a person who can provide selfless service without caste ,creed and religion.

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