Money Oh! Money

September 29th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

There was a schoolboy named Robin. He had a good voice, so he used to take part in singing competitions in school. As he grew to adolescence, he asked his teacher one day,
“I don’t like singing, I want to become a Rock Star”.
“Good, you can” answered the teacher.
“Rock stars have a lot of money. I want only money in my life”, said Robin to the teacher.
The teacher was only carefully listening and observing him. After a few days again he came near her and said, “Miss you know, the rock star has a lot of money. I have seen an interview on TV. They showed his bungalow, his car, everything. I am really fascinated by seeing his lifestyle. The ordinary singer only earns limited money”.
The teacher replied, “Don’t be attracted so much. All that glitters is not gold”.
Then he said, ” I know, everyone thinks like that, but I know, money can Talk, money is everything in life”. The teacher did not tell him anything.
Several years passed. The teacher still remembered Robin. One day she met Robin’s mother in the market. The mother asked the teacher, “Actually, I was eager to meet you for some reason. See God is so great that I met you unknowingly”.
“What’s the matter”, said the teacher.
“Can you come to my place, if you have time, I stay nearby”? The teacher was really a helpful natured lady. So she agreed to visit her place immediately. When they reached there, she saw there all the instruments, what is required for a musician. She was happy in her mind.
As soon as they reached and sat down for conservation, Robin’s mother started weeping. Seeing her condition, the teacher felt awkward to ask anything. Many questions came to her mind. She consoled his mother and asked, “What’s the matter?”
“Robin is out of my hand now, he is really a spoiled child, takes money, if I refuse to give, he abuses me, he even started robbing valuables from home,” the mother said. Meanwhile, the doorbell rang. The mother opened the door. A long-haired, with an earring, shirt button opened, a vagabond boy entered the room. When the teacher saw the boy he said, “Oh! Teacher, when did you come?” What a pathetic condition of the boy, who was a brilliant boy in his childhood. The teacher thought for a moment. Meanwhile, the mother told of his father’s ill health also. He was still repeating the same thing. “Teacher you know, money is the most important thing in one’s life, you have to earn this money in any way. That brings happiness”.

She left their house immediately. After reaching home, the teacher thought of the condition of his parents. His mother told that he got a chance to study medicine, but he was not interested. His mother requested the teacher to help her to get her son back.
Two days later, she got a phone call from Robin’s mother that her husband was admitted to the hospital. The teacher thought this was the right time to talk to Robin. So she proceeded towards the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital, Robin was not there. She was really astonished. But she decided, ‘now I have to help his parents’. She called Robin and told him to meet her at her residence and gave the residence’s address. Duly he came to meet her. She asked him, “Are you happy?” He did not say anything. She said, “Money is what all need, but ‘money is everything’ is wrong. For every desire, you have to draw a line. Every desire should have a limit. Otherwise, you will be dissatisfied always. You should know where to draw the line. You should train yourself for that. That is why a child should be trained from childhood to analyze everything. Then it is easier for him to draw a line of his limitation. If you don’t know where to draw a line, for every act, then you will be unsuccessful and unhappy and you will not achieve your goal”.
Robin listened attentively and told, “Now my father is in hospital, if I would have enough money, I could have put him in a better hospital. Rock-stars have Rolls-Royce car, all the comfort, isn’t it?” asked Robin.
The teacher replied, “Yes my child! They have Rolls-Royce, if money would be everything, Rock-stars would not die, moneyed people would have lived forever. Your parents are more important for your life. Your mother knows her limitation, she has enough money to spend for your father’s treatment. I will not discourage you to become a Rock-star, but they have their ups and downs. Whatever you see is not always true. Everyone on this earth is born for some of the other reasons. Yes, disappointment comes, but you have to analyze and find out the work which is actually for you”.
“First of all, at this moment, your concern should be for your father’s health and not money. Money comes and goes and it is important for everyone, but it is not necessary to become a Rock star and earn money. Robin, you are so talented. Why don’t you open your own band and start performing in a small way?”

Water rolled down Robin’s cheek, for few minutes he did not utter a word, then he said, “That is why I respect you a lot teacher. You showed me the right way. I will form a group band and earn according to my capacity.

Money may be everything, one should know where to draw a line.

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