Reaping the Seed

July 24th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once a sadhu (sage) was telling children about different life styles. After that he asked questions.”What do you want to become in your life? I mean to say, what is your aim in life? Small children always want whatever they see in their daily life. One child raised his hand and said, ” I want to become a sage”.  Why? asked the sage. The child said, “I can get more food and I will talk to people”. Another child said “I want to become a bus conductor as he is having lot of money in his bag”. Everyone present there laughed aloud. The third child said, “I want to see myself on T.V. If I am there everyone will recognize me” Hearing this, the sage said, “it is easy to say, but difficult to apply. A sage’s life is very difficult, a rigorous life. A conductor has to give the full account at the end of the day. Each coin has to be accounted for. Watching T.V is recreational, but the  people who are there on T.V are working day and night to become successful”.

Suddenly a young sage raised  his hand and requested the elder sage to grant him permission to talk. Then he said, “if you want to become this and that you tell your mind everyday the same thing. You keep on feeding your mind the same thing and you will see that whatever you thought, has come true one day. This happens due to setting a goal which goes to your subconscious mind. We should programme our mind correctly without hesitation and having firm faith. You will become very happy”. All the children liked it and wondered about the power of the Mind.

Reap the seed as early as possible and get the juiciest fruit of your choice.

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  1. ANI MEHTA Says:

    its awesome story
    thank u

  2. Import from China Says:

    Nice post, you got some good points there – thank you.

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