June 27th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once a twenty five years old lady  Nisha took part in a elocution competition. She was a good orator, speaker and spoke very well in the competition. Everyone present in the hall appreciated her speech. One by one all the competitors spoke and competition got over. One of the competitors Sonali, spoke out of context and she was not enough confident about her topic to face the judges.

As soon as the competition got over judges started their  work, counted the marks and were ready to  announce the result.

Then the judges went to the stage and announced the name of the winners. When Nisha found her name in second positionwith Sonali winnig, she refused to take her prize. She started arguing with the judges as Sonali, spoke out of the topic. The judges remained silent and did not utter a word.

The organiser of the competition started arguing with Nisha. She started weeping and said that she did not want any prize for that. Sonali took her prize and went away.

When Nisha came home weeping, her mother asked her about the incident. Her mother consoled her and said,”You have done your job well. If you deserve, you will win everything in your life. God gives the thing at the right time. So don’t repent. No one can take your belongings. Whatever is yours that comes automatically to you”.

Later on after six months, when there was a inter collegeite competition, Nisha got first prize and Sonali did not get anything, Nisha realised that her mother was right.

So success comes if you really deserve it.

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  1. sanjeev sharma Says:

    One must be in competition with self. I find no reason to wait for comparisions.
    Each results not achieved as per our expectation means our efforts were less planned.

    Winning should not be the goal, but giving your best shot should be.

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