Birthday celebration

June 27th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Birthday means the auspicious day when we saw the first light of this earth. We are so lucky to be here on earth. Parents plan so many things for the new arrival.

Every year this is celebrated to remember our past among the people on this Earth. Why shouldn’t we involve all other thing which we realised since the moment we arrived in this world. This could be best done as a Picnic and plant a Tree, dig a well … Help the Nature. This is better than just a Card, Cake or Candle. We are now lively with the pure Air which should be thanked.

Parents must be thanked, who helped us to realise this event. They help us to see the New world every day, every Year and build Hope in us making us aware of the Positiveness all around. To make us happy they must have gone through so many troubles.We want just more & more.

It is very difficult to repay all the neccesscities we got in this Earth from Nature and Parents. We are always in debt and still try to use up the Goodness around us.

Spiritually we have left the Heaven and so cry on Birth, but people around here are happy to see a new life on Earth. Our soul in encased in this Body and we loose the emotions of Peaceful silence, Eternal bliss and Endless freedom.

We try to make the Best moments Here so that these emotions are made perrinial in this ever changing World. In this rush for happiness we forget the return the Earth expect from us.

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  1. ANI MEHTA Says:

    hows u mam ?????
    happy guru purnima to u
    n all teachers of our college

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