Marriage, A Merry Union

May 13th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

It’s said that ‘marriage is made in heaven’. I say, marriage is merry through ages. Marriage is many years old institution and will continue till the destruction of the earth.

In olden days, after marriage wife used to take care of the family, give birth to the child every year, look after them and supress her all wishes at the corner of the heart. In todays world, women have been given lot of chance to progress in life. They are free to choose their partner. In an open society, every man and woman have right to choose their partner.

Till date, custom of marriage is to match the horoscope, go for numerology etc. When man and woman chose their partner and parents interfere to match these horoscope etc and if it doesn’t match and if there is a difference in opinion, then they will blame the system throughout life.

How to apply a new system then. When a student wants to opt for engineering he has to sit for CET ( common entrance test) because he is entering into an institution. Now marriage is an institution, then why not a test. Marriage counsellor will prepare a questionnaire and both the partner will go there and appear for the test. If the maximum answers match, then they are ready for marriage. This is judged by a counsellor having Premarital counselling experience. Love before marriage is different from a married life. In married life, love and adjustment should go hand in hand. According to me marriage can be successful if both can shaped and blend themselves in the right circumstances.

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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    LOVE is selfless sharing in Marriage. This is when one can do best for the other. Now society can benefit from this Institute of Union in future.

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