May 4th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

One day when I was travelling in a train, I saw two mothers carrying two babies on their lap. The babies were almost of the same age. As soon as the train started both mother gave eatery to both. One baby got one biscuit packet, the other one got one potato chips (lays) packet. Suddenly one child touched the lays packet. The other child immediately slapped it. The child started crying. Suddenly one child snetched the biscuit packet from other child. One of the mother took lays and gave the other one. When I reached to my destination I thought of this incident.

Men are really selfish by nature. From his birth, he cries for his own food, own pain, own needs. Never thinks of his mother’s pain or trouble. As soon as he grows, he needs his mother for serving his food, taking his lesson and bringing him up properly. He needs the parents till his requirements are fulfilled. As soon as he begins earning, he sometimes forgets the parents and continues to see his own comforts only.

By watching these two children I just focussed my thinking into their future and it came to my mind that everyone loves his belongingness. Belongingness does not have an age. It comes from birth. Maslow has given the different stages—–

a) physiological need

b) Safety need

c) Love and belongingness

d) self esteem

e) self realisation

But looking at these children, I could say that every human being brings the SANSKAR with him from previous birth which carries throughout his life. This attitude and aptitude can change with environment.

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