Want To have good in-laws

May 23rd, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The man, you are going to get married is somebody’s child, an individual.

  • Be a good daughter in-law
  • Discuss family matter with in-laws
  • Sometimes take them  out with you
  • After shopping, show them what you have bought
  • Involve them in your budget
  • If you want to become a daughter, insist childishly or capriciously on doing something
  • Choose  a decent   outfit to show the respect
  • Never condemn them in front of your friend circle
  • Aged parents always depend on their child, always keep your own parents in their place
  • Always see the good qualities in them

A girl, when gets married, she always dreams of  her future— a good husband,  good in-laws and a good home. Everything depends upon her attitude and moulding

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May 17th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha


कर्म करो आगे बढो
यह जीवन का लक्ष
कभी ना करो फल की आशा
वें लेते है सदा सही का पक्ष |

प्रतियोगिता तो एक साधन है
जो देते है एक दिशा
प्रतिद्वंदिता करना हो तो
स्वयं के साथ करना |

स्वयं को बनाओ इतने उंचे
स्तर स्तर से आगे
देखोगे यह आकांक्षा तुम्हे
कहाँ से कहाँ पहुंचतें |

(Pratiyogita) Competition is only with oneself…

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Happy Living

May 16th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

  • Think positive means which grows faster
  • Keep some time for yourself, think for your well being
  • Give time for your family members
  • Do not repent for what you have not acquired
  • Think for those who did not get anything in life
  • Laugh aloud
  • Drink lot of water
  • Sing songs

Remember the saying, which I always use ‘Those who brood on the past and never live here and now, this is the cause of their suffering’. Write in bold letter and keep in your main room.

Happiness changes from time-to-time in this changing world. Look forward, there’s always happiness knocking at your door. If you believe in existence of the soul, then every soul loves to be free, happy and desire less. For our body we go to gym, for mind, we have to do meditation.

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Economic Management in Marriage

May 15th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Working Man and Woman (Average income i.e. Rs. 20000 to 25000) per month

  • Count the income together
  • 25% of one income should be saved
  • Budget should be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Spend money on proper healthy food
  • Once in a month spend 5% outside
  • Spend 7.5% money on child education and games
  • Spend 5% on fuel for vehicle
  • Minimum money should be spent on electric bill and phone bill
  • Spend 25% of yearly income on vacation
  • Keep some money 2.5% for Gift and donation

Marriage mostly depends on sex and economic condition. If these two problems are taken into consideration, other problems automatically subside.

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Marriage, A Merry Union

May 13th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

It’s said that ‘marriage is made in heaven’. I say, marriage is merry through ages. Marriage is many years old institution and will continue till the destruction of the earth.

In olden days, after marriage wife used to take care of the family, give birth to the child every year, look after them and supress her all wishes at the corner of the heart. In todays world, women have been given lot of chance to progress in life. They are free to choose their partner. In an open society, every man and woman have right to choose their partner.

Till date, custom of marriage is to match the horoscope, go for numerology etc. When man and woman chose their partner and parents interfere to match these horoscope etc and if it doesn’t match and if there is a difference in opinion, then they will blame the system throughout life.

How to apply a new system then. When a student wants to opt for engineering he has to sit for CET ( common entrance test) because he is entering into an institution. Now marriage is an institution, then why not a test. Marriage counsellor will prepare a questionnaire and both the partner will go there and appear for the test. If the maximum answers match, then they are ready for marriage. This is judged by a counsellor having Premarital counselling experience. Love before marriage is different from a married life. In married life, love and adjustment should go hand in hand. According to me marriage can be successful if both can mould and blend themselves with the situation.

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Tips for Happy Marriage

May 12th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Live together for years without hassels

  • Understand each other properly
  • Trust each other fully
  • Love each other ( oneness)
  • Discuss,if opinion differs
  • Have an enjoyable and co-operative sex life
  • Respect each one’s opinion
  • Maintain proper health
  • Control over anger
  • Praise each one’s act
  • Both should involve in making budget for the family
  • Encourage each one for creative work

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Magic of Ripe Papaya

May 7th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

For good Health,Usefulness of Papaya

  • Papaya is full of carotene compare to other fruits
  • Less calorie,good for obesity
  • Full of vitamin C &A. Good for eyesight and  cough and cold
  • Good for digestive system
  • Though it is sweet fruit, but good for diabetic patient
  • Controls high Blood Pressure as it contains Potassium
  • Controls cholesterol and prevents heart attack and stroke
  • It works on Ear problem
  • It keeps the glow of skin
  • It increases the immunity system.

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Tips for Good Health

May 6th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

For good health

  • Drink enough water
  • Sleep well (at least 6 hours)
  • Practice Yoga everyday
  • Eat Raw fruits and sometimes juice
  • Fixed time for lunch and dinner
  • Walk atleast half an hour a day
  • Remain happy and leave everything on HIM

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May 4th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

One day when I was travelling in a train, I saw two mothers carrying two babies on their lap. The babies were almost of the same age. As soon as the train started both mother gave eatery to both. One baby got one biscuit packet, the other one got one potato chips (lays) packet. Suddenly one child touched the lays packet. The other child immediately slapped it. The child started crying. Suddenly one child snetched the biscuit packet from other child. One of the mother took lays and gave the other one. When I reached to my destination I thought of this incident.

Men are really selfish by nature. From his birth, he cries for his own food, own pain, own needs. Never thinks of his mother’s pain or trouble. As soon as he grows, he needs his mother for serving his food, taking his lesson and bringing him up properly. He needs the parents till his requirements are fulfilled. As soon as he begins earning, he sometimes forgets the parents and continues to see his own comforts only.

By watching these two children I just focussed my thinking into their future and it came to my mind that everyone loves his belongingness. Belongingness does not have an age. It comes from birth. Maslow has given the different stages—–

a) physiological need

b) Safety need

c) Love and belongingness

d) self esteem

e) self realisation

But looking at these children, I could say that every human being brings the SANSKAR with him from previous birth which carries throughout his life. This attitude and aptitude can change with environment.

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Shiva the Lord

May 4th, 2008 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The humanised form of Shiva has the following four ornaments, which are symbolic in nature.

1) Damaru: This represents the shabda that is sound. The original sound of the universe.

2) Trishul: The weapon with three spikes synbolise

a) Trigunas :- Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

b) The basis of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution

c) Desire, knowledge and activity.

d) The basis of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution

3) Pash (deer): The deer represents the four Vedas

4) Parshu: This represents the destroyer of ignorance.

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