Happiest Man

December 24th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Happy are those

Who have wealth

Happy are those

Who have health

Happy are those

Who have good character

Happy are those

Who have children

Happy are those

Who have all comforts

Happy are those

Who have good parents

Happy are those

Who have good teachers

Happiest are those

Who have the capacity to converse with GOD

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December 22nd, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once a eleven years old boy asked his mother, “if I work hard, will I be successful”?

The mother said, “definitely! hard work always pays”.

The boy started working hard in his studies and expected something good from it.

This way the school examination began. He wrote the paper well and was very happy. After completing all the papers, he asked his mother, “Am I going to do well in my exam?”

His mother replied, “If you have really work hard, it will pay”. He was very happy.

Within a week, his papers were shown. In the class he did not utter a word. He came from school and started sobbing. His mother asked him,”what happened  my child”? He could not answer anything.

After sometime he stopped crying and said,”you always lie, you are not telling the truth, hard work never pays”.

Mother immediately understood what the child wanted to convey. She said,

” My child, you did not understand what I convey to you, you should work without expecting the result. When you expect anything in the beginning , and then work hard , you always become unhappy . You have to plan for Hard work.

Expectation brings unhappiness. So always remember, Work is worship. Whichever work you are suppose to do, you do it whole heartedly. You need not worry for the result, it will come automatically. The child hugs his mother and said, “My mother is the best in the world”.

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December 22nd, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Life is really precious. When we have a body, we can do, think and act.When I teach in the class and begin with a question ‘what is psychology’? Pupil answers, it is the study of the mind. Then I always give one example—–There was a saint who had many disciples. During ‘Guru Pournima’ day all the disciples brought gifts for their Guru (teacher). Some gifts were very precious, some were ordinary like sweets and fruits. Guru accepted all the gifts happily, but one of the disciples was sitting at the back and watching all disciples in a doleful eyes. When everyone left, Guru called the disciple and asked him to go to the jungle and collect a bundle of sticks. The disciple got little frightened.

Now I ask the question to the students, why did Guru ask him to bring sticks ?

Most of the students answered, Guru may beat the disciple. Some students answer,— may be Guru needs to cook his food.

Then I explain, psychology is the study of soul, but it is difficult for an ordinary man to believe and accept the soul. Modern psychologists do not consider psychology to be a science of soul because the soul is beyond the reach of the senses and only the saint who has a third eye and worked with soul may see the soul. Soul is the instrument of the mind. It receives the information about the environment. They do not believe even ‘science of mind’ because mind refers to a continuous substance, but a yogi can think of it.

Therefore, after rejecting these definition, the psychologists said that it is the study of consciousness. It is rejected because the state of consciousness constantly changes and has no permanent basis. But the yogi who studied it for many years can see the consciousness of a person.

The Guru who was a yogi understood the soul, mind and consciousness of the disciple, and asked him to bring the sticks.

When he brought the sticks , the Guru asked him to burn all the sticks which symbolises Something…. The Guru said, “if you want to stay with me and learn the yoga by which you can win the material attachment and know the real psychology, then you have to overcome your Ego“. The purpose of our life is to be free from birth and death, freedom from desire, freedom from cause and effect, freedom from from failure and success. Every human being craves for sweet liberty. Learning these yogic activities make the man understand his soul, mind, consciousness and behaviour. The man understands the right karma which gives him the happiness what man is craving from generation after generation.

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December 20th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

I can not teach properly,

Nor I can speak

I can not write properly,

Nor I can read

I can not learn anything,

Nor I can demonstrate

I can not give you anything,

Nor I have something

I can do one thing for you,

That doesn’t cost anything

I can only inspire you,

To find success within you

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