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“Man is the highest creation on this earth and I give him special importance”

Rabindranath Tagore

Education is a tripolar process. It involves interaction between the pupil, the teacher and the social environment. The teacher tries to develop the overall personality of the pupil in the light of the needs of the society. Educationists are inspired by practical ending. It has practical end to attain growth in every aspect.

A small incidence took place in the researcher’s teaching life and the PELT took birth.

Raju failed in Std. III. He used filthy language in the class. Everyone in the school got fed up of Raju’s behaviour. His class teacher tried her level best by punishing the child, but in vain. On open-house day, his parents came to school and asked the teacher to take care of the child like a mother. That developed a new idea into PELT & enveloped her mind. This helped to take her first step.

She made Raju monitor of the class. Everyday with the help of other obedient children, she started praising Raju for maintaining the discipline in the class. He finished his given work quicker and faster, to get PRAISE from the teacher. The teacher also ENCOURAGED the child for his work. So the tree started blossoming and new leaves began to sprout.

Every day the teacher thought of a new plan .She even hugged the child, kissed him like a mother and thought little LOVE can change the life of a child. She tried to give whatever he did not get in his life.

The teacher TRUSTED him so much that she knew the child would do something better. Now it was time for October exams as first terminal. Raju completed his paper fast and happily submitted the papers. After the exam, vacation started for Diwali. The vacation got over and open house to show the papers to parents was fixed. On the open house day Raju was very confident. Looking at his enthusiasm, tears rolled down from teachers’ eyes and she thought — yes it worked. He passed his third std. getting 3rd rank, but did not forget to give a ROSE on every Teachers Day till his schooling.

This is PELT. Whatever cannot be done by punishment, can be possible only by PRAISE, ENCOURAGEMENT, LOVE and TRUST. Praise and encouragement are the flowers and leaves of a plant. A plant grows to a big juicy tree when love and trust are showered on it.

Human beings are born with some qualities in them but the environment sometimes is not favourable to excel their qualities. The teachers’ and educators’ first duty is to see and try to bring out the talent of the person.


Education is a purposeful process. Both the pupil & the teacher make efforts for achieving purpose or destination.

PELT can be used in any type of education, whether it is direct or indirect.

In direct education, teacher and taught are in direct contact. So PELT is needed for the pupil’s abilities and development. In informal education also, PELT is needed — though educator and the educand are not conscious about the process, fixed time table and fixed place. Even in nonformal education i.e. outside the formal system PELT plays an important role for development.


There are some principles of learning:-

  1. Learning to know
  2. Learning to do
  3. Learning by PELT
  4. Learning by sharing
  5. Learning by cooperation

A common metaphor in educational writing compares a teacher to a gardener. Gardener checks from roots to fruit. Teacher also carefully observes the tender changes in the pupil.


If we praise the pupil he eagerly does the work. Teacher can encourage the child to complete the task. Teaching is a multivariate process within which goodness is often relative. By sharing and trusting, the teacher can achieve the goal in any type of education.

Educand be motivated for receiving further education and teacher achieves her goal. Importance of teaching through PELT may be learner oriented and life oriented. PELT motivates the individuals’ growth, self renewal and maximising human potential.

Knowledge and information are two different things. Knowledge can only be completed if anyone learns something new everyday by keeping eyes, ears and above all mind open all the time. The term “adaptive behaviour” as understood in the field of education, plays an important role in any person’s life. When a child interacts with normal peers and sensitive teachers he gets exposed to wide variety of talents. It is necessary to employ a teacher who reads the mind of pupils. Orientation of parents is needed from time to time.

The childhood is the best time to use PELT so that later life produces juicy fruits to the mankind. If the childhood is nurtured properly, the Tree will grow with full of leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds will scatter here and there for many such healthy trees…


PELT works on the principle of universal learning satisfaction.

Thus I conclude:

Throw the words of motivity

Praise, Encouragement, Love & Trust

The first two are blossom of a plant

The next two are nectary

The little deeds of praise

The quality of life will raise

Climb a ladder with encouragement

Gaining various achievements

Love is universal Truth

There is no other way to Ruth

To meet Divine in trust

Or else life is worst

These words can produce

The amazing change in kind

Waves of happiness & peace

Make an ocean of mankind.


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