Good Parenting

October 30th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Good parenting is the way to bring the child up as a good human being and good citizen who can be a able future citizen.

Following are the ways of good Patenting:

  1. Praise the child if it does something good.
  2. Encourage  to do the work independently.
  3. Show love, not pampering (By telling stories of life,sharing,caring etc).
  4. Always trust the child
  5. Be friendly with the child
  6. Discuss family matter with it.
  7. Discuss financial matter. During vacation give the child the responsibility of all the expenses in the family and give him/her the money for that month ( Age group—15 on wards).That way they learn the responsibility and value of money.
  8. Accept the child as it is.
  9. Listen to the child if it is asking some questions, do not ignore .
  10. Share your emotion with him/her.
  11. Tell virtues of competitiveness.
  12. Teach in early stages of development. Learning stage from 2 to 15 years.
  13. Listen to his/her opinion. Make him/her realise  the importance of his/her opinion.
  14. Give importance to his/her decision and ask him/her to judge properly.
  15. Do not nag.
  16. Do not give too much or too less importance.
  17. Do not make school bag.
  18. Do not compare.
  19. Do not insult in front of anyone.
  20. Do not disagree\agree without reason.
  21. Do not create unnecessary fear.
  22. Do not always promise anything while completing any work.
  23. Don’t scold or insult in front of others or near younger siblings.
  24. Do not tell wrong about teachers in front of them . Otherwise they will never respect their teachers.
  25. Don’t differentiate .

26. Teach to respect the teacher even the teacher is old & not very efficient of online teaching.

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