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October 7th, 2007 by swapan

An Executive staying alone in a big bungalow has only his valet to care for him and his house. One day he asked his valet, “We will have a small tea party in the evening, please bring cups” He handed Rs.1000/= and went to work. Yes he mentioned the number of cups. There was misunderstanding due to this number of cups.

The dialog could be, “Please bring sixty cups” OR “Please bring six tea cups”. In the evening the inevitable happened when the valet brought 60 cups although 4 friends turned up for the small tea party. Hence the talk between tell & hear requires a better communication.

The same is with the taught and the teacher. The best student is one who imitates the teacher by digesting every act & word. The learner should repeat before the speaker every dialogue thus clarifying the future action. A child starting from school till going to work place must relate the incidences that has taken place through out the day else where. This act develops a good relationship and understanding. Asking to clarify by the speaker is the best way of communication.

Many a time distraction or lack of interest will make a speech unheard. A long duration can also keep it out of mind and the job could be forgotten. It is better that the talk is grasped by using all the senses of Seeing, Hearing, Saying, Touching, Tasting and Writing. The speech should be made attractive by judging the type of audience, duration and period, so that all are alert. The very important part would be to study the listener before the act. The thing registered in the brain from every angle is more lasting. We must stress on subject implying the importance. Also use more expression by eye contact and voice modulation for clarity.

The speaker has to clarify at every step before proceeding to avoid misunderstanding or else the Listener will loose interest and attention.  Every person has a view to express because we are born with a unique Mind just like a unique Body (e.g. finger print)

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