September 15th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once there were two friends named Bhima and Arjun. They used to be so engrossed in talking that they used to forget everything when they used to sit together. They forget their food, sleep etc when they meet. They studied together from childhood. Their parents know each other very well. They are also happy with their friendship.

Once they visited a garden with two badminton rackets in their hands. While returning they sat for sometime in the garden, forgot their racket in the garden. Bhima was more forgetful then Arjun. Bhima once lost his own purse when he was going with his dad.

Last year they made a great blunder. Both of them were travelling in a train from Sanpara to CST station. They forgot their bag containing computer item motherboard costing ten thousand rupees in the train. Bhima brought some new items for his computer. Motherboard was giving little trouble. So he thought of changing the board. He called the person at his shop. The shopkeeper replied “Bhima it will take two days to repair, then if you go to Belapur, at the factory, then they may replace it immediately”. Bhima did not have patience to wait for two days as he is very fond of the computer and his exams were knocking at the door. He thought of changing it immediately. While returning from Belapur both friends were so much diverted in talking that they forget the bag in the first class compartment. After getting down from the train, they started walking from the station without the bag, but did not notice even that they did not have their bag in hands. After fifteen minutes walk from the station suddenly they remembered the bag and ran for the train, by the time train left the station and they missed the bag. They went to station master and narrated the fact and gave a written complaint but in vain. After half and hour Bhima gathered courage to call his mother at home. As soon as his mother heard about the missing, she could not talk anything and said “Now you know what you have to do, I don’t know anything” and she banged the phone. After 10 o’clock they returned at home. By the time Bhima’s mother called up his uncle who was working with railways but she did not get any solution for it.

Next day Bhima’s mother wrote a letter to station master to help them to find the lost items. Full day Bhima and Arjun again travelled CST and from there again they went to Bellapur and asked in every station but no result. Bhima came disappointed and mother asked “Do you want any computer again? I am telling you, I am not going to give you anything”. He replied “I don’t deserve anything” and went to his room for studies as his exam was knocking that time.

After losing a big amount in this process, he promised himself that he is not going to force his mother to give him anything he wants. He even promised that he was very forgetful from his childhood and now he has to become more alert for everything. He asked god to give him strength to overcome such bad quality. Forgetfulness is a disease, only medicine is to concentrate on the matter what you are forgetting, repeat the thing what you are having or you are carrying. Repetition is the most important procedure to overcome forgetfulness.

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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    A person tends to forget if the subject is not interesting. It looses priority compared to other subject of interest. This requires training the mind to make it equal to or similar to the subject of interest.
    As a part of human nature we like to have company of like minded individual or a person who can create a subject of interest. This person when around should also be made aware of the subject of priority. This makes both aware of the item and consequence and converts to the subject of discussion.
    Any matter is registered in the brain most and longest if input is through all the senses.

  2. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    ‘Out of sight can be out of Mind’. Alertness is lost with age and so forgetfulness creeps in. Mind is very fidgety due to sensuous instincts so it has to be controlled with intellect and practice.

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