Competition is only with oneself

September 15th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Minu and Neha are friends. Both of them are in the same class. Both of them are good in studies. When they came to secondary section they got separated from each other and went in different division. Neha is a simple intelligent girl, never bothered for anything, very good speaker. On the other hand Minu is also very clever, can compose her own poems, intelligent. But the difference between Minu and Neha is – Neha is least bother for anything, Minu is always conscious about her studies and always sees Neha’s progress.

Neha from the beginning of her career stood first in the class, 99% marks in everything. Minu always kept an eye on Neha’s marks and was always behind of Neha by 2%. She used to feel sad and always thinks that in her student’s life she cannot beat Neha. She is always envious of Neha. Neha does not bother who is getting what marks. She is very studious and sincere. She always gets good marks in everything.

Once Minu met her old teacher and said, “I am really unlucky”. “Why?”, asked the teacher. She said I cannot beat Neha in my life, I am very jealous of her”. The teacher said “Minu don’t feel jealous, always try your best to perform well, but your attitude towards Neha is not correct. Next time when something like this comes to your mind, pray to god that I want to do well, but do not think of Neha. Let her do what she wants”. Next time when Minu met that teacher on her way home, she bowed down and said “Teacher I got highest marks in English”. The teacher was very happy and again reminded her not to think of any one’s progress. Think for your own self and your well being.

Minu may have controlled her jealousy, did hard work, concentrated on her studies and came first in SSC Board exam in her school. She was so happy that her happiness had no bounds when she met her old teacher. But again she uttered the same thing “Finally I have defeated Neha, so I am very happy”. Hearing this, her teacher was not happy and thought that still jealousy had not disappeared from her mind. The teacher was really hurt with Minu’s expression. She was only telling about her happiness that she has defeated Neha.

On the other hand when Neha came to meet the teacher, she bowed down and said “I want your blessings teacher to do well in life”. She even congratulated Minu and said “She is really hard working”. Minu felt very proud of her performance and whenever the teacher used to meet her she used to think that Minu should not be jealous of  Neha. But crooked thinking always looses at the end. When Minu’s result came out for HSC, she did not get good marks and did not get a chance to study medicine. On the other hand Neha did very well in HSC and got admission in medicine in reputed college.

Do not envy anyone. Whatever one is doing, it is one’s destiny. Always think that whatever comes on ones way should be fulfilled properly. Jealousy cannot take anyone ahead, it brings downfall. If world is free from jealousy, it will be best place like paradise, where everyone will live happily.

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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    A nice story of competition to be better than the other by thoughts and deed against own self.
    The Indian philosophical ‘Shastra’ defines a good person as one who has controlled ‘Kam’ ‘Krodh’ ‘Madh’ ‘Lobh’ ‘ Moha ‘ ‘Mathsar’. Desire as ‘Moha’ is the base of all these ill-virtues which makes one unhappy in the long run of Life. Desire is never fulfilled and keeps on growing as Greed and wrong deeds. This greed makes one a crook so that by hook the other is brought down, termed as Jealousy. Here the mind is violent and will come out as a bad word or deed. This deed is so dangerous that it can go against one self.
    The Guru while developing a powerful mind sees that the student is pious by controlling the ill-virtues. Therefore the first teaching would be controlling the mind with Intellect. If this mind is not taught to be sinless then it could turn into Midas touch destroying own self. Due to this desire Anger develops even against God as ‘Why I do not get as others do?’ Hence the positivity disappears and we fall prey to all wrong Intoxication in Life. The inebriated mind goes hand-in-hand with Lust and waste. The life is thus wasted in short term goals.
    Desire for the good of all is Humane. So is the slogan ‘Hate no one’ is clearer than ‘Love all’.

  2. jashodhara Says:

    good comment . A realized person can only think of such thing. The last slogan is the best.

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