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September 6th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once there was a woman named Parvati. She was very much dependent on God. She had full faith in God. Every moment, every part of her life, she used to surrender to God. Parvati used to tell her mother and other people, “Don’t worry! God will help you”. Every one used to make fun of her. One of her friend Sheetal used to tell her, “Parvati don’t do anything, don’t cook, God will do everything for you.” Parvati used to smile. Sometimes she used to tell her friend, ”God is everywhere, that means, He is with you also isn’t it? Sheetal used to laugh at her. Sheetal had full confident in her work and never used to belief in God or anyone. She used to tell everyone, “You are the maker of your own self”. Everybody used to understand that and tried to follow Sheetal. Sheetal wanted to study medicine. She even did very well in her exam. She applied for medicine, but due to reservation of govt quota her name did not appear in the list. Sheetal was waiting for the list. One day she was disappointed to see in the newspaper, “Classes of medicine will start from 2nd October”. She was shocked and took admission in B.Sc. One day Sheetal came to Parvati and said, “You really won and I lost”. Parvati did not understand what Sheetal meant, but before she could ask something Sheetal left Parvati’s house.

After a year, Parvati got married to Shiva an engineer, working with a reputed firm. Everyone in her in-laws was very happy to see a pious, homely natured Parvati. Within a few days Parvati won the heart of all the family members. Mother in-law, Monika used to tell her neighbours about her daughter in-law’s nature and faith in God. After her marriage she started satsang once in a month at her place. She started singing devotional songs and good teaching in the satsang. Neighbours used to gather at her place during satsang.

This way two years passed. First son was born. After three years second son was born. Suddenly in the month of October after his birthday, her husband Shiva got sick. Sudden fever for seven days. He went to the doctor and the doctor asked him to get the blood checked. Jaundice was detected. His mother said, “jaundice! Oh it will go away within seven days.” Seven days passed, month passed… He was admitted in the hospital. Bilirubin in blood was increasing day by day. All doctors were worried about his illness. They could not find any reason of increasing billurubin. What type of jaundice? Blockage or virus???

Before marriage Parvati used to go to temple every Monday, so she continued it after her marriage also. Shiva’s condition was getting worse day by day. He became yellow, dark and thin. This time he was under the treatment of renowned doctor. Looking at his condition, his brother Om was called from abroad. Om and Parvati both went to doctor . The doctor told Om, “We cannot tell everything to his wife, but if you take him to America also the result will be zero”. Still Parvati was not nervous as she knew that God was taking a test. With no hope, Shiva was discharged from the hospital. After coming home Shiva started sleeping with his mother as Parvati‘s younger son was very small. One day Shiva’s aunt came from native place. Parvati was sleeping in her room alone with her small child. It was nearly morning. She was asleep. Suddenly, she found male hand on her head. She touched the hand and that it was quite a heavy hairy hand. The hand was giving her blessings. She got very frightened and woke up with fear. She started looking under the bed but no one was there. She believed that God had come in disguise and blessed her and her husband. She immediately went to the other room and found that her husband was sleeping. She placed her hand near his nose to see his breathing but was sure about his good health. She went to her room and waited for the dawn. At 6 o’clock she woke her aunt-in-law up and told her happily “God has come in disguise and blessed me, nothing will happen to him. He will be alright soon.” Both of them started weeping.

Next morning, the doctor called Parvati and gave the address of a new gastroenterologist and that afternoon Shiva and Parvati went to see the doctor. The new doctor started Shiva’s treatment and within no time his bilirubin came down to a safe limit. Parvati thought that the address of the new doctor was given to her by God himself so that Shiva becomes alright. After the treatment under the doctor Shiva was cured from the fatal illness.

Parvati still continues to believe that on that day it was Shiv who had blessed her and her husband. Even today she is a Bhakta of Lord Shiva and celebrates Shiv-Ratri with utmost dedication.

God can do anything. We are ignorant—that is why we do not understand what is going on. Parvati still says, “God is everywhere, we should feel Him. We cannot see air, but every moment we feel it, without air we cannot survive, so is God . Without Him, no leaf stir, no wave move, no sun, no moon can survive . He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

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  1. prabha Says:

    this is prabha FRM J S FRM RAHUL BED COLLEDGE

  2. Mahua Chakrabarti Says:

    God is everywhere. However we must accept his supremacy and accept whatever he decides for us.
    Our stste of conciousness should be such that sorrow or happiness or pain or suffering, should not affect our mind or life.
    So, we should decide our spiritual goals and objectives and remain focussed towards achoeving them.

  3. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    God is within us as positive energy which can be tapped and projected even without our knowing. Magic is physical and Miracle is mental projection. Slight of hand compared to sight of Head.
    Both of these require practice through Faith and Patients. This termed as Bhakti yog, joins the inner energy with the vast external energy through emotion. I have witnessed the basic emotion of crying as very powerful to harness this energy. As we grow, the body is filled with all the sensual egotistic virtues like Lust, Anger, Intoxicated, Greed, Desire and Envy. The only want for Goodness God is lost and this is gained again by the Humble Cry to make us pure as a child. The cry is motivated by certain emotional incidence in our life. This is an unintended (Tap) penance. Yogic practice ‘karma yog’ is self-indulged penance like fasting etc. Bhakti Yog is through Prayer with form and system or formless Niraakaar.
    God is with in us: Bible has it as ‘God has created human in His own form’ and ‘Our body must be clean as a Temple so that God resides in it’. Vedanta logically proves that we are God ‘Tat Twam Asi’. As a Child, God resides in the form (symbol) ‘Saraswati & Bramha’, creating a future by learning. As Youth, symbolic ‘Laxmi & Narayan’ operates the life by earning to keep the soul & body together. As Aged, symbolic ‘Shakti & Shiv’ destroys this Ego to bring a new life and the everlasting Soul grows higher into a new body.
    Vedanta says where ever our body and mind travels that is the new world even in this earth.



    lord shiva is there and everywhere………….
    i believe him a lot and i know his presence…………..
    in the cycle of universe….he use to mannage all things……….
    i am a software professional…..and i have a lot of faith in him……..
    what miracle to parvati lord has done….is compared very less than the miracles he use to do…….
    we will know this after our death……
    as this many years of life is very less to know him……or to prove his existence……………
    only thing we can do is to believe in him and see his miracles and blessings………………….

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