Changing Life

September 5th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Sonu, Nikhil, Pratik, Jay and Sunil were five school friends. They lived in the same area and they completed their 12th standard and joined B.Com. They always went together. They always went to pub and discos together and loved to dance. In the beginning they would only go there to dance, but when they joined B.Com, they slowly started drinking alcohol in the club. Late night drinking and driving.

Parents were fed up of all these things. But they were the only sons they had. They had certain hopes from their sons, but now they had left all their hopes. When they would come home, they would get out of control and someone had to come down to drop them at home. Days were passing by and parents were really worried about their studies and lives. But they had become slaves of intoxication. Jay was a good boy among them. He liked to dance, but did not drink like the others. He used to drop them home, when the others went out of control.

One day the four parents met Jay and asked him, “What can you do for us Jay?” Jay was really ashamed of this. he could not say anything to them. But he promised himself that he would bring his friends back from such hell. So he contacted one lady counselor nearby. that day he did not go with them to the club. All four were thinking about why Jay hadn’t come. Sonu called Jay and asked, “Why didn’t you join us today? Where are you now?” Jay replied, “I’m with someone who I think will do something for me and my friends”. Sonu is really surprised listening to what jay is talking about. the lady counselor asked Jay to bring his friends to her. Jay said, “It will be difficult in the beginning”. The lady said, “Just talk good things in front of them. Tell them the story I’m telling you:

Once there was a guru who had a devotee. All the people always used to meet the guru and give him some precious things like gold, silver etc. When this devotee went to the guru he asked him to bring some sticks. So he thought guru would have asked for sticks to beat me. But satill he went to collect sticks. After collecting a bundle of sticks he produced them in front of the guru.

The lady counselor said, “Now we stop here. I’m not going to tell you the story more than that today. Tell your friends the same story, and tomorrow come with an answer to what happens next.” That night Jay also tried to find an answer. Next day, in the morning Jay met his friends and started telling them the story, but stopped where the lady told him to stop. All of them wanted to know the answer. So in the evening they all went to the counselor’s house. The lady counselor, Mrs. Mukta, knew that jay would come with his friends. So she welcomed all of them. She asked them the answer about the story. Each one of them were looking at each other and thinking about the answer.

At the end, Mrs. Mukta said, “Let me tell you the next part of the story:

Guru said now, burn the sticks in front of me, so that your past karma whatever it is good or bad will burn in the fire. The guru said, “Those who brood on the past and never live here and now, this is the cause of their suffering”

Mrs. Mukta said, “Whatever has gone, let it be like that. Can’t you start a new day from today so that your parents will be happy?” Making others happy is the greatest happiness in life.

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  1. Mahua Chakrabarti Says:

    It is true that the present has a lot of opportunities to offer to us. Thanks to this story we must always be alert and try and search out the opportunities and use them to the benefit of one and all.

  2. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    A Guru always tries to make the student unlearn the previous impressions so that a new start can be made in a proper way. Catching young is best.
    This story gives the reason why a (Sadhu) mystic changes his name forgetting his past. So is with married women who come to stay with the in-laws. Before concentrating (Dhyan) into a task (Uparati) withdrawal and (Dharana) detachment is a must. This is achieved by Yogic practice of Karma, Bhakti and Gyan.
    Just as a train compartment is more comfortable to board if its passengers alights first, so is it with the brain. Acceptance is the first step to change and this requires analysis to develop positive nature and this in turn is developed by study and experience. The world is always in a changing phase and it has to be for the better. In the long run many disappear into the historic text and museums.
    This change is of proper substance and long lasting if Self is developed before.

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